Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Bucket List

So, my friend Erin (fellow b/g twin mom life, love and lagniappe) posted this awesome holiday bucket list last year for her almost 2 year olds. After reading it, I could NOT WAIT for this year so I could steal her idea ;) I LOVE this time of year and wish it lasted longer than a month :( So because I'm tired and a little lazy, I literally copied and pasted the bucket list from the Ortuzars!

Holiday Bucket List

This year since the bambinos are two, I wanted to try and do as many holiday / winter things as we could this Christmas season. I want to start creating some family traditions and it is SO fun to see their little faces get all excited about something new and magical. I found a Winter Bucket List on pinterest that I thought could be a start for some fun and exciting things to do with the kids. I've added a few of my own ideas on it. Here are some things that we are going to try to get to before Christmas gets here (which is fast approaching, by the way).

1. Elf on the Shelf. I LOVE this tradition. If you don't know this story, you can check it out here. Now, I'm not sure if the kiddos will really get into it this year, but we'll see. 
2. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
3. Go to see Santa.
4. Decorate the Christmas tree as a family.
5. Go ice skating
6. Make / decorate a Gingerbread house
7. Give a gift / toy to a child in need.
8. Go for a carriage ride.
9. See the Nutcracker
10. Make fireplace s'mores.
11. Watch Christmas movies
12. Write a letter to Santa
13. Make Reindeer Food
14. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa.
15. Go look at Christmas lights.
16. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
17. Go to a Christmas program / play
18. Get new Christmas jahmmies
19. Go see a live Nativity
20. Read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible.

I'll be posting some pictures and stories of our adventures of our Bucket List!
Much Love,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eek! My babies are 2!

How can this be?! How is it possible that this year went by even faster than their first year! SLOW DOWN!

I've come to terms with my lack of updating skills in blog-land, and will no longer make foolish promises to keep more up to date stats on the goings on in the Miksovsky household, cause honestly it probably ain't gonna happen! These crazy 2 year olds keep me pretty busy these days. You may want to kick your feet up and get comfy, this is going to be a LONG post - sorry!

So, what have Max & Emma been up to lately???

Well... Emma LOVES babies, both real ones and her dolls. She likes to be the mommy and put them to bed pretended change their diapers feed them their bottles.

Emma and Max also love to color and paint and have completely mastered holding crayons, pens, and markers the correct way although, it appears that Emma is destined to take after her uncle Tim and be a lefty, whereas Max seems to favor his right hand.


They both also love school and all of their friends and teachers and beg to go all the time. Emma came home from school one day after three weeks of in MDO and was able to name every single kid in her class (the teachers made little photo books) - she is so smart! Even her teachers have told me several times how smart she is and that she is the 3rd teacher in the class! She's so bossy assertive. Max learned all the names pretty quickly after watching and listening to Emma tell us over and over and over!
Emma and Max can tell you every color (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black, & white). They are both working on counting to ten and their shapes (circle, square and triangle) and they are really pretty good, although not real consistent just yet.

Emma is in such an independent stage/phase right now, which I can only image will last for the rest of her life! I really don't want to crush her independent spirit, so I try hard to let her make as many choices/decisions as possible, which is not always easy!

Max doesn't seem to share the same kind of independence, but definitely knows how and does stand up for himself!
Max loves his new workbench that he got for his birthday from Mimi & Poppy and his Spiderman action figure that shoots spider webs. He also loves to push Emma's baby stroller around but couldn't care less about the babydolls! It's pretty funny - after they got it they were taking turns pushing it around the house, and as Max was pushing it, the baby fell out and Emma cried out, "Oh no!" with grave concern as Max rolled over the baby and eventually kicked it out of the way when it got caught in the wheel! Oh, boys! Yes, Max has been known to ask for bows be put in his hair and his nails to be painted too - future embarrassing photos... priceless :)

Max has been rather honery (sp?) lately; hitting, pushing, shoving, rough-housing, body slamming, etc. Emma and sometimes even mommy and daddy - not cool! He has been spending ALOT of time in time out lately. We've been trying to follow the Love and Logic principles, but some days I'm not sure that I am doing anything right! I guess every mom feels like that sometimes. I know he's just doing it to test his limits and to get attention, especially since Emma tends to demand attention from us, whereas Max is usually more reserved, I mean don't get me wrong, he def has a wild and crazy side!
In other Max news, he is doing really well in PT and recently got a free tricycle to help build his core strength. He LOVES running and jumping all.the.time! He is 100% BOY!

 Hopefully he will be able to stop treatment and graduate soon. We were a little concerned with his speech and verbal skills, so we asked Dr. Holt about it at their 2 year check up. He knows well over 100 words, but doesn't clearly articulate them, so we worried he may have some hearing issues, and come to find out, he has a lot of fluid built up in his ears which is the likely culprit. So... it looks like Max will need to have tubes put in his ears - poor Max - it's ALWAYS SOMETHING! We have an appt with the ENT next week to find out what our next step is. We also had his eye check up with Dr. B, which was actually a little disappointing. J and I both thought that his eyes had gotten better and was all but gone, but I guess we must have just gotten use to it :( Dr. B says it's still there and that he is 90% sure that he will need to have surgery, but that he wants to wait as long as possible before doing it. I hate the thought of my little baby having eye surgery - breaks my heart! I'm serious y'all, Max is the healthiest kid with the most medical issues I have ever seen! But honestly, I am so very thankful and feel so incredibly blessed that all of his issues have solutions or cures and are relatively easily corrected!
Let's see... here are some of your current favs:
*Favorite toys - baby dolls, stroller, baby bottles, spiderman, toddler game apps on iphone, forts, reading books, play kitchen, coloring, painting, playdoh, bubbles, workbench, kicking balls, and sliding.
*Favorite foods - raisin, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese w/ fruit, cheddar bunnies, PB crackers, waffles, toast, strawberries, cereal bars, cliff z fruit ropes (this is a very recent thing), and bananas.
*Favorite shows - the only thing they really ever watch is Bubble Guppies which they LOVE! But they also really like the Children's Favorite Songs DVD (Wheels on the bus is by far their fav), Baby Longhorn, and Praise Baby.
*Favorite phrases (most of these are Emma) "I do it", "Stop it", "I coming", "Need you" (which means hold me, something she wants me to do ALL.THE.TIME!), "bless you", that's sad", "don't want it", "Daddy fix it", "up here"(on the counter, her fav place to be when not in my arms), "love you", "I did it", "I find it", "don't like it", "it's pretty", "it's cute", "I pretty", "I cute", and of course "laungee" (laundry) - their FAV thing to help mommy with!

We tried the 3 day potty training at the end of September, and she did really good, but we decided that she wasn't quite there yet and we would try again in a couple months.

She LOVES to wear big girl panties and getting stickers when she goes potty. One day I walked in on her attempting to sit on the big potty - she almost fell in! Now she's got it down and refuses to go on her little potty - only on the big potty, and will even ask to go in public places.

It is soooo precious, they have gotten really good at praying before meals and even try to say the prayer: God is great, God is good, and we thank Him for our food. Amen. Melt my heart!
Both Max and Emma have mastered eating and staying mostly clean with a spoon and fork and drinking from a cup without spilling it or knocking it over (most of the time) although they still drink from their straw cups during the day. They still only drink water and a little milk in the morning and with dinner. I'm riding the no juice train for as long as possible!
So, at 2 years old here's what a typical day looks like:
Wake up between 6:45-7:30am and they get up with Daddy about 95% of the time while Daddy lets Mommy get a little bit more sleep - husband of the year, I know! They hang out, eat some bagels or waffles & drink some milk. I usually get up around 7:45 and make some breakfast, usually french toast on low carb bread and we all eat (Max aka the endless pit, is always up for more food, and Emma always wants whatever the big people have). After breakfast, Jason moves over to his office to work. On Mondays Max has PT at 9:00a, and we usually hit up the library afterward for our new letter of the week books. Then we come home, play a little bit, read books, eat some lunch (some crowd favs are grilled chicken, turkey and cheese roll ups, quesadillas, tuna/chicken salad, peas, corn, broccoli, strawberries, watermelon, raisins, bananas, cheese stick, yogurt, and applesauce). They usually go down for a nap around 12 and will sleep anywhere from 2-3 1/2 hours. When they get up we will usually play, make a letter of the week craft, read, go to the park, sing songs, dance, play outside, or go run errands. We typically eat dinner around 6/6:30 and they will almost always eat whatever we're eating plus some fruit. Unless it's cold, rainy or late, we will go on a family walk after dinner around the neighborhood in our trusty wagon while Uncle Tim does the dishes (ahh the perks of living with your brother-in-law!). Then it's back home for bath time. Daddy does bath time 99% of the time while I clean up the house and get everything ready for bedtime (pj's, lovies, etc.). After the bath, they get lotioned up, teeth brushed, dressed, and then we read some books, play a little bit, and then it's time for bed around 7:30p. We recently moved Emma to the guest room to a) let her sleep later in the morning b) not get woken up by Max at night when he decides to practice his singing and counting and c) open up more play space/book nook in their room. They both sleep great about 98% of the time (see above mentioned singing and counting late night sessions from Max)!
*Aside from them going to "school" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's essentially groundhog day! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Here are some pics from the last couple months:










At this point I give up on trying to arrange pics in blogger (shoot me - there must be an easier way!)