Monday, August 8, 2011

9 month update

Well, I know I said I would be better about this, but alas here we are, August 8th and I am just now getting to your 9 month update! In my defense, things have been even more hectic than usual lately, what with moving in all. Here are the stats from your 9 month well check:

weight - 17lbs 15.5oz (10%)
height - 28.85 in (75%)
head circ - 45 cm (95%)

weight - 18lbs .5oz (50%)
height - 28 in (75%)
head circ - 44cm (95%)

Luckily, you guys didn't have to have any shots this time around! Yay! Oddly enough, I took pictures of both of you while you were being weighed, and to my amazement, you both had the EXACT same weight in the pictures I took - WEIRD! And, that weight wasn't even the weight that they recorded for either of you - SPOOKY! So... daddy and I don't fight over who has to carry the heavy one anymore, because you're both heavy! You guys are getting so big that we have started letting you sit in the big kid highchairs at restaurants! And in the shopping cart seat! (well one of you always has to sit in the cart in a booster seat since they don't have double seat carts most places). Max, I gotta tell ya, everywhere we go, you always get complemented on your cool helmet! I was so worried that people would point and stare and make negative comments about it, but I have been very pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive responses we have received! I still think it's odd though that I have yet to see another baby with a helmet in the DFW area (well except at the orthotist office and when we got your helmet wrapped).

So, what have you guys been up to lately??

Emma, you are a mobile maniac! The day after turning 9 months, you decided that you would get into the sitting position all by yourself, pull to stand (on me), and get up on your knees and start rocking (you had been trying to get on your knees for a while, but now you were rocking and trying to figure out how to go somewhere!). Then, just 5 short days later (on 7/26) you began army crawling everywhere! If you really wanted something (usually Talking Tom on mommy's iphone) you could really move fast! Gram happen to come over that day and got to see you army crawl - even before daddy! But, I guess army crawling wasn't really doing it for you, and it didn't take you long (like 4 days) and on August 2nd, after coming home from brother's physical therapy appt, we were getting ready for a bath, and BAM! You decided to crawl into the bathroom like you'd been crawling for years! There was no stopping you after that, you have become a crawling machine! And you're fast too! When you know you are going somewhere you shouldn't be, you get really quiet - you little stinker! You also don't let anything - or anyone get in your way - even if that means crawling over your brother to get somewhere! It didn't take you long to figure out how to master the steps to get out of the living room either. So alas, we now have baby jail baracading you into the living room  on all sides - sorry! If your recent obsession of pulling up on EVERYTHING is any indication, I have a feeling that walking isn't too far off - scary thought! Where did my tiny little baby go??? As of today, you still only have your two bottom teeth, but I'd say by next week you will have a top tooth breaking through - it's bulging out pretty good right now, and I can tell that it really bothers you sometimes - I hate that there is nothing I can do to take that pain away :( Your hair is still as crazy as ever - I pray that it will eventually calm down and lay flat someday - if not, I promise I will buy you some really good hair product :) In other news, you have recently started wearing some 9-12 month clothes and you drink 1-2 of your 4 daily bottles out of your straw sippy cup - such a big girl! One day last week or so, you and your brother decided that you no longer wanted to eat pureed baby food anymore - so you guys are eating big people food now! You are a pro at feeding yourself! One thing that has become much more fun is, bathtime! It is so much fun watching you and your brother splash around and play with your toys - you both LOVE bathtime :) Diaper changes however are a whole nother story! I swear changing a 9 month old's diaper should be an Olympic sport! You guys are still both wearing size 3 diapers, and I figure you probably will be for a while - I think the box says they go up to like 26 lbs or something!

Max, you are a talking machine! You sound and remind me of the talking twins on youtube (I realize that by the time you are able to read this, you will have NO idea what I'm talking about, but whatever). You get your little hand in the air, waving it arond saying "dadadadadadada" as loud as you can in a very athoritative voice - so cute! But sometimes, you also like to whisper and talk as quiet as you can - it's a little game we play. You're not crawling yet - but you have starteed to get on all fours, it's just difficult for you to lift you head up, but we're working on those muscles in physical therapy, and I just know that once you get that helmet off - you will be unstopable just like your sister! Physical therapy is going really well and your are consistantly meeting goals - I am very proud of you! In helmet news, you went in for a re-scan last week and mommy and daddy were very excited to learn that your head has grown 10mm in the past 2 months! What's even better is that 6.3mm of that growth was on the flat part of your head! You started out at 18.3mm of asymetry and are now down to 12mm! The goal is to get to half  - so only 3 more mm to go! The helmet is designed to withstand 20mm of growth, so daddy and I are confident that in another 2 months, you will continue to grow and your head will be nice and round and wonderful - just in time for your 1st birthday! You will definitely NOT be needing a second helemt - which is awesome news! We have already seen such an improvement and are so glad that we decided to get the helmet! Your eye patch therapy is also going well - we are now alternating the patches on your left and right eye - still just one hour a day. We go back to the doctor just before your birthday to check on the progress, but Dr. B was impressed with your improvement :) You still haven't figured out how to bring food to your mouth to eat, but I asked Ms. Sarah (your PT) and she said that it wasn't anything to worry about just yet, that you'll get there soon enough. You are also quite the slow eater, you seem to prefer to savor the flavor of your food and let it marinate in your mouth for a long time, as opposed to your sister, who tried to shovel as much food as she can into her mouth at one time! You guys truly are night and day! In other news, you are finally out of the 0-3 month shorts! woo hoo! You are now wearing size 3-6 shorts and 6-9 shirts and onesies - not too far off - it's just those skinny legs you've got! As I mentioned before, you LOVE bathtime! It's so cute, as soon as you get in the tub, you have to find something to grab, and you almost immediately use it to "cover yourself up" - so modest! You always hate when bathtime is over, you've even started crying when it's time to get out - mommy and daddy can't help but laugh. You haven't quite masterd the straw sippy cup yet - you still just want to try to blow bubbles in it the whole time, but I know that you will have it down soon enough and then we can be bottle free - woo hoo!!

You guys have adjusted well to the new house - better than mommy has! I will say that I love that you guys have more space to play in the living room and in your bedroom - and of course the much bigger closet :) We haven't been to any playdates in a while - I guess everyone is kind of doing their own thing for the summer, but we did go to the triplet's 1st birthday back in May and we just went to Luca and Larkin's 1st birthday - it won't be long until they are all coming to your birthday! I can't even believe it! Well, I guess I better go - Emma you are currently determined to crawl through the end table and continue to faceplant into the ground - Lord help us!

Here are some pics and videos for your viewing pleasure:

photo shoot for the "we've moved" cards

Max and Emma's favorite book

notice the weight 17.156

and then Max... 17.156 - weird!

My bathing beauty

mohawk baby

first attempt at a ponytail - it didn't stay in long - nor did it seem to help the hair issue!

it was cute though, right?!

last bath in our first home :(

gotta cover up - can't be lettin people see my junk!

kickin it drinkin my bottle by myself cause I'm a big girl

yeah, I drink from a straw sippy cup all by myself - I told you I was a big girl!

The scanner at the helmet dr

Inside of the scanner

hangin with dad

mealtime tends to get a little messy with these two :)

Emma apparently wanted to eat a little dead lizard for lunch instead of broccoli...awesome

one intact mummified lizard - what will she find next week?? stay tuned

mmmm, eggs, toast and bananas

look what I did mom!

notice the new baby jail in the background

bathtime in our awesome new yellow 1969 bathtub!

Max talking with his hands - so cute!

Emma's latest trick - I call it the bridge

We have moved beyond pulling up on the end table - now we must master crawling through it!