Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 months old!

Well Max and Emma, you are 5 months old now - can you believe it! Here's a little bit of what you've been up to these days:

Max, you are growing taller and more handsome everyday - I think you may actually explode with cuteness! You have been talking up a storm lately too - telling us stories about robots and ninjas and dinosaurs - it's really pretty amazing! ;) You've finally started to eat a litte better - I think on avg you are getting about 23-24 ounces a day - and from what I can tell your reflux is totally gone! You absolutely LOVE the jumperoo that your cousin Harper let you borrow - sometimes I think you may jump right out of that thing! You still haven't shown any interest in rolling over again, but I'm sure you will when you're ready. Lately you like to grab at your toys. mommy's hair and face, and stick everything you can in your mouth! I think your favorite toy other than the jumperoo is a burp cloth or bib - you love to chew on them! We got you a Sophie, but you seem to prefer the burp cloth or mommy's shoulder. You have discovered your toes/feet and love to play with them and talk to them - it's so cute! You are starting to laugh a little here and there - but you're pretty stingy with the laughs - I mean it has to be pretty funny to get a laugh outa you - but smiles you dole out all the time - and mommy and daddy can't get enough of them! You are still the nap and sttn king! I wish you would tell your sister how to do it! You are just such a good boy and we love you soooooooo much!

Sweet Emma, your crazy blond hair is getting longer everyday, and your blue/grey marble eyes are just as beautiful as ever. You are also as spunky and stubborn as ever! You like to remind us that you're the one in control - esspecially when it's time to eat. You let us know that you eat when you want and how much you want and we just have to deal with it! And to think you used to be the good eater who would eat anywhere, anytime, and from any bottle - my how things change. Even though you're a little stinker - we wouldn't have you any other way! All it takes is one of your award winning smiles and we just melt. Lately you like to laugh at your daddy when he makes funny faces at you or when you dance together on the couch - so cute! I can always get a laugh from you when changing your diaper, just a little tickle and the giggles pour on out :) One of your new skills that I think I mentioned last time you are still working on despite it not being one of our favorite - squealing - rather loudly - in public - or anywhere for that matter. Oh, but you think it's so cute and you are still so proud of yourself. Other skills you have been working on are standing - you love to stand - it's like your favorite thing to do - you are also working on sitting up unassisted, although you aren't quite there yet - you'll get there. Like your brother, you have not really shown much interest in rolling over yet - I guess y'all are just a little lazy :) You love to try and figure out how things work on the jumperoo, as opposed to just jumping in it. You also like to sit in your bumbo and throw things on the floor from your tray - I think you just like the sound  they make when they hit the ground. Just like brother - I think your favorite toy is your bib or burpcloth - and you too like to stick everything in your mouth. When a bib or burp cloth is not available, and often times when it is, you prefer to stick your fingers and thumb in your mouth - I don't think you are sucking on your thumb, just chewing on it, but I hope you don't become a thumb sucker. You too are completely facinated with your toes/feet and play with them all the time. You are getting so big, I can't even believe that I just had to put away all of your 0-3 month clothes and some of your 3-6! You just started wearing some 6-9 month clothes - crazy! What happened to my tiny little baby girl??? Mommy made up a song that you love to listen to when you eat (two songs actually)- sometimes it's the only way to get you to finish your bottle - I just apologize that I am not a better singer - or even a good singer for that matter! Here are the words to our songs:
Song #1 (to the tune of Oh My Darlin)
Emma Ryan, Emma Ryan,
Emma Ryan is her name,
She's the cutest girl in the world,
Emma Ryan is her name.

Song #2 (this usually will get you to eat - no tune)
Big blue eyes,
Pretty little nose,
All the way down to your wiggly little toes,
Every little inch,
Lovin you's a cinch,
That's my Emma girl
Cute little ears,
Pretty blonde hair,
All the way down to your darier (sp?)
Every little inch,
Lovin you's a cinch,
That's my baby girl!

I guess you do silly stuff like this when you become a mommy! And yes Max there is a version for you too :) Let's see what else... Oh, we finally found a playgroup with nornal people - can you even believe it?! No more crazy strollercise for this mommy! You guys have 5 new friends, twin girls Luca and Larkin, and triplets Ben, Philip, and Sophie. We went to the park and hung out on blankets (and poor Max had some crazy seasonal allergies afterwards) and then we also went on a stroller walk around a nature preserve with a bunch of other multiples. I'm looking forward to more get togethers and for you to have fun with your new friends. In other big news, daddy got a new job last week! He's now working on the telcom support team for Bank of America! We are so very proud of daddy and know that he is going to do so great at his new job. One of the best things about the new job is that he will be able to work from home and see you whenever he wants - woo hoo! We are now working hard to clean the house up so we can sell it and  get you a bigger house with more room to play! I think that's about it - I'm really looking forward to your 6 month check up to find out just how big you're getting, and for Max's appt with the cranial specialist, and your dedication at church on Mother's Day! Here are some pictures of you guys over the last couple of weeks:

Our birth announcements - better late than never right?!

Our new friend Sophie (one of the triplets) at the stroller parade

All of our new friends

A face only a mother could love :)

Max lovin on his Sophie

Emma and Lucy chillin in the backyard