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7 month update and pics

Well kiddos, you’re7 months old (actually a little closer to 8 – oops!) I wrote this whole thing out once already but the computer didn’t save it! So, here we go again. Here are some of the things you’ve been up to:
What are you eating?

Well, you started off with some yummy sweet potatoes and since then you have had avocados, butternut squash, peas, bananas, apples, peaches, broccoli, carrots, green beans, pears, and yogurt. Mommy still makes all of your food :) Max, you are still a champion eater and the only thing we have found that you don’t like too much is broccoli. Emma, you have gotten so much better at eating your solids – it’s like you have a hollow leg now! Max, you are still taking about 30+ oz of formula/breastmilk a day! My Boy! And Emma, I guess you’re still on that diet, because you only like to drink about 20ish a day – although to look at you one would never know! On a side note – mommy started weaning off the pump when you turned 6 months, and is now down to 2 pumps a day (almost 1) and hope to be completely weaned in the next 2 weeks. I think I have finally come to terms with it and feel less sad about it than I did before. I feel really good about the fact that you guys were able to get bm for almost 8 months and as a result have been very healthy and sick-free :)

What are you wearing?

Emma you are wearing 6-9 month clothes and are very close to being too big for those! I don’t know how you are so chunky – you don’t eat hardly anything! But whatever you wear, you can rest assured that you will have a cute bow on your head! Max you are still wearing some 0-3 month shorts, some 3-6 clothes, and some 6-9 clothes, but a lot of the 6-9 stuff is too big for you – you’re just so stinkin skinny – and you’re the one that eats a ton! Emma is in size 3 diapers and Max is still in size 2s.

In other news, Max you got your helmet on May 24th (camo print) and on June 3rd, thanks to the amazing people at 360 wraps/wrap buddies, we were able to go to a wrap party and get your helmet professionally wrapped… for free! Your new helmet design is sooooo cool! You get complemented on it everywhere we go :) You have really adjusted well to the helmet, except for the occasional frustration at nap time. We go back to the orthotic (sp?) on Tuesday June 14th for an adjustment and to see what kind of progress you have had, and I can’t wait!

You both have been “talking” like crazy! Max you have been babbling for a while, but one day I guess Emma got a little tired of hearing you all the time, and she decided to start babbling again herself! Out of the blue one day you busted out with “dadadadadadada”! I couldn’t believe it – I texted daddy and he was sooooo excited and couldn’t wait to come home – he was so proud! Since then, dadada has turned into yayayayayaya, and then nineninenine – who knows what it will be next week! It was pretty cute though, because for a while there, you weren’t quite sure what to do with your tongue, so it would just kinda hang out the side of your mouth – silly girl! Emma, you took a short break from your “singing” and screaming/squealing, but when we went to the family reunion and you realized you were the center of attention (your favorite place to be), you started belting it out again – you little ham! So we are once again blessed with your singing talents.

You are both also rolling all over the place, especially you Emma, you love to explore and could care less that you are leaving all your toys behind! Your current favorite thing to do it lift your legs up and slam them down on the ground as hard as you can, although sometimes it’s not the floor, but your brother, and he doesn’t like that so much. You are also both excellent sitters! It’s so nice that mommy can just sit you both down with a bunch of toys and you are both happy as can be! Although, you do steal toys back and forth from each other – but I guess I better get used to that! You guys love your books, rings, o-ball, baby Einstein music take-a-long thing, and Emma you love to chew on anything and everything you can get your hands on! I wish those teeth would just pop out already! But I think what Max loves more than any toy, is bath time! You love to splash around in the big bath tub, and now that you have your helmet (and subsequent stink head) you get to take a bath every night :) Sister on the other hand, seems to think we are torturing her in the bathtub! She gets all rigid and stiff as a board and won’t relax the whole time. She moans the whole time – such a drama queen! Oddly enough though Emma, you seem to enjoy the swimming pool – weird?? You couldn’t be more relaxed in your little floatie! Max, just like we knew you would – you love the pool too :)

Max, you are still our champion sleeper! You and your sister go to bed around 7-7:30 every night and wake up around 7ish every morning :) You guys also take a good 2 hour nap every morning and then 2 more naps throughout the day (about an hour to an hour and half long). Emma, you’re a good little napper, but not so good lately at the sleeping thru the night thing :( Ever since you started teething, your sleeping habits have gone down hill! There were some nights that I swear you got up like 14 times! Well, a couple of nights ago, mommy and daddy decided that it was high time we nip this in the bud, and we knew it would hard, but in the end we would all sleep a whole lot better, so we decided to let you cry it out. Wouldn’t you know that the first night, you apparently had one of the rare nights where you don’t get up at all! And the second night, you got up once and cried for maybe 2 minutes! The third night (last night) you got up 2 or 3 times – but we also had a crazy day and missed a nap – but overall, I think it is working and before too long you can move back to your room in your nice cozy crib!

Well, can’t remember all the other stuff I wrote, so I will leave you with some pics and videos:

Max's favorite sleeping position - holding onto the bumper! Sweet boy :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

6 month photos :)

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our 6 month photo shoot with ReJana @ Blu Door Studios