Monday, July 26, 2010

25 Week Update & Nursery

We had our weekly appt today, and everything is fantastic! Luckily, we got Colleen as our sono tech and she measured the babies! Both babies are about 1 lb 8 oz each and 12 inches head to toe and are right on schedule! Their fluids are great and my cervix is continue to hold strong. So well in fact that Dr. G was quite impressed and told me that he doesn't think he needs to see me every week and that we can go back to every two weeks! Unfortunately, the babies did not want to cooperate today and were both facing my back - so sadly no face or profile shots today :( although it wasn't without a lot of trying by Colleen :( Hopefully next time. It does appear that a foot has been jabbing me in my upper rib region, but I guess it could be worse cause apparently the other foot is busy kicking sister in the face! Poor baby girl! They have sure been active lately, doing summersaults and kicking like crazy! Jason is finally able to feel them kick now that they are packing quite the punch! Overall, Dr. G said everything is perfect and great - and it never gets old hearing those words - I feel so very blessed and grateful!

The nursery is really coming along... our bedding finally came in!!! And we decided to get an upholstered glider instead - so we sold the old one. We also bought some blackout curtains that seem to work as an accent wall since the windows cover almost the entire wall. We still need to get the dresser, which we may get this weekend, and the cute brown and cream zebra rug I found on, and Jason is going to install some crown molding (with the help of his dad) - and then it will pretty much be complete (with the exception of a few wall decoration items)! Lucy seems to really like the nursery - I often find her just chillin in there - it's so cute!

In other news... I have definitely been packin on the pounds lately! It was such a slow start, but the last few weeks I have gained a lot - I am up to 20 pounds now! But luckily (for now) it is all boobs and belly! The last few weeks have taken a toll on my right ribs - there just doesn't seem to be enough space in there for babies and organs! My liver and diaphragm have been shoved into my ribs causing them to be pushed out of place and causing searing pain from my back all the way around to the front. Fortunately, I happen to know an awesome chiropractor who has experience working with pregnant women. I went to see her today so that she could hopefully help free up some space and relieve this constant pain. She said it may take two visits to really feel any effects, and apparently I fall into that category - cause it's still there :( But, I go in again on Thursday and am praying that it works! I don't want anyone to think I am complaining, b/c there is absolutely nothing that I can complain about in this pregnancy! The pool really seems to help, so if I have to spend everyday in the pool between now and D day - I think I can handle that - it'll be tough but I think I can do it :)

Here are some picks of the nursery and belly pics (24 weeks 4 days) - hope to have more baby pics in 2 weeks, if they cooperate!

Monday, July 19, 2010

24 week appt.

Well - we are back to our "everything's perfect" appointments and I could not be happier about that! Babies are lookin good, little girl has decided to turn back around to the breech position - quite the little mover and shaker! My cervix is still nice and long at 47 - so no worries there! I'm up to 16 pounds and getting rounder and rounder everyday - I just hope the weight remains in the belly region and doesn't start drifting elsewhere if you know what I mean! I think they are going to measure the babies next week or the week after - and I will be very interested to see where they're at. The sono tech said that they don't really grow much during this part of the pregnancy - but they are about to have some major growth spurts! According to the books - the babies are about 11ish inches (head to toe) each and weigh about a pound and a half each - like little baby dolls :) I keep trying to see if Jason can feel them move around and kick - but so far we haven't had much luck - I wonder when he'll be able to feel them???

The nursery is coming along - a special thanks to our dear friends KC and Ryan who hooked us up with bags of clothes for baby boy - I think this kid has something new to wear everyday for his first 0-3 months of life! But now our little girl's side of the closet looks awfully bare - guess I need to do some shopping!

In other news, all my teacher friends are reporting to summer conference today - I must say it feels a little weird not being there - as well as resisting the urge to buy cute classroom stuff in the dollar bins at Target. You know you're a teacher when you are drawn to fun multi-colored pens, post it notes, and stickers! But, hopefully I will get to get my fix and sub the first few months of school!

Here are some pics from today's sono - they're not all that good b/c we had the not great sono tech (which is pretty much anyone except Colleen) - but at least we got some!

Baby B is on top of Baby A and they are looking at each other

Maybe next time we'll have Colleen and she will give us some more 3d images!

Monday, July 12, 2010

23 week appt.

Well, we didn't have our favorite sono tech today :( But at least it wasn't the sono Nazi lady again. I told Dr. G that we only want to have Colleen - it seems nothing good ever happens when we have a different sono tech. Last time Jason wasn't with me b/c our ac went out and he was home with the repair guy - and today... there is apparently fluid in my cervix :( I don't like getting news that's not "perfect". The good news is that my cervix is still nice and long and hasn't shortened, and the fluid around the babies is still looking great. Dr. G seems to think that the fluid is just my mucus plug - not sure what this is or what it does as we have not been to our parenting/birthing class yet - but he said that for now it is nothing to worry about. If my cervix were shortening with the fluid - it would indicate dialation (which is no good at this point). Since the sono tech spent all of 5 minutes with us - she didn't take the time to get a good pic - so all the pics from today are fuzzy and no good- not even worth sharing :( She also didn't measure the babies - so not sure how much they weigh or how long they are - maybe next week. That's right, next week... since the babies will be technically viable in a few days, Dr. G wants to see us every week from now until the babies get here (which will hopefully be mid to late October). I gained about 4 pounds in the last two weeks and am up to 13 lbs! I have a feeling that I will start to gain a lot here in the next few months!

In other news... our little girl has decided to move into the head down position, while our little boy is still breech and has apparently discovered my ribs in the last two weeks - not real thrilled about that one. We went to Austin over the weekend to visit Memi and Gabe. Memi had her baby shower on Saturday, but we went and pampered ourselves with a nice and relaxing 90 minute prenatal massage before the shower. Can't wait to meet little Magnolia Elyse in about 6 weeks! We also got to visit with my parents and brothers down in Wimbo - haven't seen them in a while - so it was really great to see them. Their new house is coming along and looks really good - can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished!

I don't have a belly pic from this week - but here's one from last week:

22 weeks (almost)