Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helmets are in this season, right??

If not, they are now! Max was fitted for his helmet about a week and a half ago and we went in this morning to pick it up! For now it's in the very masculine camo, but thanks to the good people over at Wrap Buddies (and to all those who donate to their cause) we are getting it professionally wrapped on June 3rd and it is going to look sooooo cool - he'll be the talk of the town, and all the kids are going to want a helmet! He did so good as we practiced wearing it and taking it off and putting it back on. My biggest worry is the amount of sweat that having the helmet on causes - poor baby! But, I've been told that his body will acclimate and the sweating won't be so bad after a few weeks. I'll have to take another pic later of him with the eye patch and the helmet - this poor kid, it builds character, right?! He will be in the helmet one hour on, one hour off for the first day (no naps and not at night), and each day builds up to the 5th day when he will begin wearing it 23 hours a day. Hopefully we will cash in on some good growth spurts and he won't have to be in it more than a couple months - but all we can do is wait and see, and of course pray. I'll tell you it was very strange going somewhere with just one baby - btw - thanks Poppy for watching Emma today :) So without further ado, may I present Max and his helmet debut...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

So... I've been a little neglectful to my blog :( Sorry! It seems the older these kiddos get the more of my attention they require! But hey - at least I'm getting to their 6 month update before they turn 7 months, that's gotta count for something, right?!

So they turned 6 months old on April 20th - Happy Half Birthday! I can't believe they are just that much closer to turning 1 - I can't even fathom it right now - blows my mind how quickly time goes by!

So Max and Emma, here's a little of what you crazy kids have been up to this month:

Sweet Emma, you are just growing by leaps and bounds! At your 6 month check up you weighed in at 16lbs 1.6oz (55%), you are 26 1/4 in long (75%), and your head circumference was 43 cm (70%), and your cheeks remain in the 100th percentile! You have just been as healthy as can be - and for that we are so thankful to God and feel very blessed! You are still quite vocal and like to "sing" all the time (btw - singing is squealing at the top of your lungs - the louder the better). You have rolled over several times, each time doing so while mommy was either in another room or not looking - you little stinker! sidebar - why to they always do the cool stuff when daddy's around? WTH? - I'm shocked at how big you're getting despite eating very well. You have decided to go on some kind of diet or something and it's quite frustrating to try and get you to eat everyday - mommy and daddy hope you get over this little phase soon - we want our good eater back! You have also become very good at sitting unassisted - especially in the last week - we are so proud of you! You're so strong! You are completely obsessed with mommy and daddy's iphones, the laptop and the tv (even though we don't let you watch it). You and your brother just started eating some real food! We started out with some homemade rice cereal which did not go over very well with either of you, so we moved on to some yummy sweet potatoes which you both seemed to really enjoy. Next, we tried some avacado, oatmeal, banana, butternut squash, and peas. You guys don't appear to love or hate anything you've tried yet - so I guess that's a good thing. You have a ways to go before mastering the whole eating from a spoon thing - but you try and that's all we can ask. You like to spit out whatever is on the spoon as soon as it enters your mouth - it usually takes about 3-4 attempts before you fully get one bite of food - so eating takes a little time with you. Lately you have been a little terror at night, getting up several times, not sure what's going on with all  that - teething I think?? Mommy and daddy haven't had to get up this many times a night since you were little bitty - not cool. We think your teething based on the amount of drool coming out of your mouth 24/7 and the fact that you want to stick EVERYTHING in your mouth and chew on it. We recently discovered that you love ice - so that seems to help alieviate your discomfort. Your favorite toys these days are the dog (Lucy), you LOVE her and she loves you too and loves to give you kisses and you think it's absolutely hilarious when she does - so cute! You also love to jump in the jumperoo (which mommy was able to buy a second one for $20, score! and now you and brother can both jump at the same time!), scoot all over the place with your Dotty and friends book, your baby einstein music thingy, and your o-ball . That's pretty much what's been going on with you lately.

Mr. Max - my sweet snuggle bug. I'm pretty sure I fall more in love with you everyday! From the moment I go get you in the morning when you greet me with a big ol smile and an excited squeal - you just melt mommy's heart with your sweet face and loving nature. You are really starting to come into your own and are getting bigger by the minute! At your 6 month visit you weighed 14lbs 10oz (10%) - still my tall and skinny little boy :) you were 26 1/2 in long (70%), and your head circumference was 42cm (10%). Don't let these numbers deceive you, you have been eating like a champ lately! It's like you woke up one day and decided, "I think I'm going to eat like there's no tomorrow" - and you have been! You eat about 32 ounces everyday! You eat like your sister use to - it's amazing! I'm pretty sure if I gave you a 12 ounce bottle - you would eat it! You are such a good boy! You must have hollow legs or something, because I don't know where you're putting it all! And to top it all off - you are a super star at eating solids! WAYYY better than sister! Sister may sit better than you, but you've got her beaten in the eating dept! You don't ever spit any of it out - and sometimes I think you would just keep eating and eating and eating if I didn't run out of what I made you. Let's see... you have also been rolling over more, and seem to be more interested in rolling over, whereas before you didn't really care to much - now it's a challenge that you try to conquer. Like your sister, you too seem to be obsessed with iphones, laptops, and tvs, and Lucy. While at your 6 month appt - I asked the dr about your eye (your right eye) because it seems to wander sometimes. Sometimes when you are looking at me, only your left eye is focused in on me, so we decided to get it checked out. We went and saw an opthamologist and good news - you have two very healthy eyes! The dr did confirm that you have an intermitten wandering eye and suggested that you wear an eye patch over your non-wandering eye for 1 hour a day, every day to see if that would help. Today was day #1 and you did awesome! The eye patch didn't seem to bother you at all - and you looked really cool!

Ugh! I had typed a lot more about my first mother's day, the babies dedication, etc - but it didn't save it and now I don't have time to re-type it - sorry! But here are some pics from this past month - enjoy!

Adventures in Eating:

Emma determined to turn the tv on

Lucy likes tummy time too :)

Sharing 101

and so it begins

Not a big fan of this pic - but it's one of the only family pics we have - Easter

The babies with Na-nah and Grandad on Mother's Day

Mother's Day/Baby Dedication

Arrr - My handsome little pirate!