Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helmets are in this season, right??

If not, they are now! Max was fitted for his helmet about a week and a half ago and we went in this morning to pick it up! For now it's in the very masculine camo, but thanks to the good people over at Wrap Buddies (and to all those who donate to their cause) we are getting it professionally wrapped on June 3rd and it is going to look sooooo cool - he'll be the talk of the town, and all the kids are going to want a helmet! He did so good as we practiced wearing it and taking it off and putting it back on. My biggest worry is the amount of sweat that having the helmet on causes - poor baby! But, I've been told that his body will acclimate and the sweating won't be so bad after a few weeks. I'll have to take another pic later of him with the eye patch and the helmet - this poor kid, it builds character, right?! He will be in the helmet one hour on, one hour off for the first day (no naps and not at night), and each day builds up to the 5th day when he will begin wearing it 23 hours a day. Hopefully we will cash in on some good growth spurts and he won't have to be in it more than a couple months - but all we can do is wait and see, and of course pray. I'll tell you it was very strange going somewhere with just one baby - btw - thanks Poppy for watching Emma today :) So without further ado, may I present Max and his helmet debut...

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