Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Max and Emma!

Well Max and Emma have arrived! They came out kicking and screaming and absolutely perfect on Wednesday, 10/20/2010 :) Max Austin was born first at 8:07am weighing 5 pounds and 6 ounces and about 18 inches long and an apgar score of 8 (no nicu needed) and Emma Ryan was second at 8:08am weighing 5 pounds and 15 ounces (almost 6 pounds!) and she was 18 and a half inches long and her apgar score was a 9 (no nicu needed). I just cried and cried I was so happy when the nurses said that they were perfectly healthy! I am so very thankful and blessed that everything went so well with them.

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well with me after their delivery. After they were delivered, Jason went with them to the nursery while the doctors finished with me, but when removing one of my placentas I began to hemorrhage and was quickly loosing a lot of blood. I began to feel really lightheaded and nauseas, so they gave me a sedative which all but knocked me out (I could still hear things going on around me but I was out of it). Apparently my uterus would not contract despite the Dr. G doing everything he could, and I was loosing too much blood, so they had no choice but to remove my uterus to stop the hemorrhaging. By the time they sewed me up, an hour had passed and I had lost half my blood volume. They were on the fence about whether or not to give me a blood transfusion, as I was right on the cusp where I could go either way, but they decided not to do one. The nurse had ran out to tell Jason about what was going on in the OR, but they wouldn't allow him to come back in, so I can only imagine what kind of rollercoaster of emotions he was going through. Once everything was all finished, they took the sedative off and I was able to go to the recovery room and join Jason and our precious babies. 

Dr. G had sent my placenta and uterus off to the lab for testing and he called yesterday to let me know why all this had occurred... and apparently I had what they call placenta accrita - which means that the placenta attached itself too deeply to my uterus and there was nothing they could do but to remove it. My doctor went on to say that I did not fit the rule book for this condition as I never had any of the signs like bleeding during my pregnancy nor had  I ever had any uterine surgeries or previous c-section(s). So in light of this, I feel that much more blessed that the Lord has given us two beautiful, healthy, and perfect babies. I guess He really knows what He's doing and he really does have a plan for us all even if we can't see it or understand it. I have certainly had my moments in the last few days when I get very sad and cry thinking about how I will never get to experience being pregnant again. It's alot to deal with especially after everything I and we have been through to get to this point. It also doesn't help that I had the most wonderful pregnancy anyone could ever ask for - bedrest and all. I just really, really LOVED being pregnant. My advice to anyone out there that is pregnant - I know about 5 or 6 of you are (you know who you are) - take the time to really experience your pregnancy and embrace it and take the time to acknowledge the awesome power God has given you to grow a life within yourself - you'll be so glad you did - and you never know what can happen or when it might be the last time you are given this awesome opportunity.  

Since I had lost so much blood, I am now anemic, which is making my recovery a little slower. I was finally able to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom and even take a 5 min shower (sitting of course) on Friday (2 days later) and was allowed to eat solid food again. After that, each day was a little easier and I was able to actually get out of bed, go to the bathroom, walk the hall and shower unassisted by Sunday morning. I was released on Sunday and things have been going relatively well since we've been home. The incision is still pretty sore and my body is still adjusting to its recent lack of blood, but thankfully my mom is here helping us, so we've just been trying to stay with our little 3,6,9,12 feeding routine and so far so good. I've really been trying to sleep any time they are sleeping - as I get tired out pretty easily. Nursing is also going pretty well considering all that is stacked against me with the twins being early and my anemia. I am nursing the babies, pumping, and supplementing with formula until my milk really starts to come in and until the babies reach term (Nov. 11th) - but it's all learning by fire for these first timers :) 

On a lighter note, Mr. Max loves to pee on his daddy! Jason has been so amazing - he is such an amazing, amazing man and father - I honestly don't know what I did to get so lucky! Jason has been on diaper duty all day everyday since the babies were born, I just recently have been able to get around enough to change a few here and there - but Jason completely got thrown into everything and has handled it with such grace, never once complaining - in fact he seems to take pride in his awesome diaper changing techniques and master swaddler title :) My heart just swells with all the love I have for these little miracles and for my best friend, husband, and father of our babies. Well, it looks like it's feeding time again, but here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure...

Last belly pic - 37 weeks :)

Last picture as a family of 2

Jason all geared up ready for the OR
First time holding my little angels

My perfect and beautiful babies (Emma on the left, Max on the right)
Emma (left) and Max (right)
Sweet babies Emma (left) Max (right)
Happy Birthday! Emma (left) Max (right)