Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 months old!

Well Max and Emma - you are 4 months old now! Wow how time flies! Here's a little bit of what you've been up to lately:

Current schedule
8a - daily wake up time (eat and play)
9a - go down for a nap
11a - wake up, eat and play
12p - go down for a nap (mommy eats lunch)
2p - wake up, eat and play (maybe run errands or go for a walk)
3p - go down for a nap
5p - wake up, eat & play - daddy is usually home now :)
6p - go down for a nap
8p - last meal of the day and bath time
8:45/9 - go to bed for the night
4a - Miss Emma usually wakes up for a feeding while Max is perfectly content with sleeping thru the night

*For some reason you both think that your nap is over 45 min into it these days - I hope this phase will pass quickly cause I am not a fan. It is for this reason that you have been napping in seperate bedrooms for the last month. It's gotten a little better and isn't every nap anymore, but I need Mr. Sandman to come back and help you get back sleep.

How/what do you play with? Right now you both enjoy the play gym that na-nah and grandad got you for Christmas, as well as reading books, singing songs, hanging out in the swing, and practicing your rolling over skills with tummy time.

Max here are some details on you and your 4 month well check:

Weight: 13lbs 1.4oz
Weight Percentile: 20%
Height/Length: 26in
Height Percentile: 85%
Head Circumference: 41.5cm
Head Circumference Percentile: 30%

You apparently are going to be a bean pole just like your Uncle Jacob! We try to get you to eat more, but you will only take about 21 ounces of food a day. But, you are starting to form a nice little double chin :)

Your reflux seems to have gotten under control, I don't know if you just grew out of it or if it is from the Prevacid - but either way you are a doing much better! In fact, because it has gotten so much better, you are able to sleep in your crib all the time now - woo hoo! Before too long, I am going to have to put away all your 0-3 month clothes as you are starting to grow out of them now - but the 3-6 month outfits seems so big on you. You just started wearing size 2 diapers a few weeks ago, but unfortunately it doesn't help mask the odor of your horrendous farts - I'm serious, they are awful! We are going to try switching your formula and see if that will make a difference, but somehow I doubt it - you are 100% boy that's for sure! We also asked Dr. Holt about your head again and he has referred us to a craniomaxillofacial surgeon - sounds scary, but hopefully he can help us with the flat spot on your head - my poor baby didn't have much room in mama's belly :( We are scheduled to see the new doctor on May 2nd - apparently these doctors are pretty busy and that is the earliest we could get in to see him - who knew?

In other news... YOU ROLLED OVER!!!! Mommy and Daddy are SOOOOOOO proud of you! You have been trying so hard for a while and you finally did it! And bonus... we got it on video!! You have yet to do it again, but I know you will :) You were also the first one to start grabbing for the rings dangling from your little play gym (I guess sister must have seen you do it, because she started do it shortly after you did - copy cat!). You finally found your voice and would talk to us all the time, however lately you have moved on to new skills and haven't talked too much. Your favorite thing right now is to blow spit bubble and stick your hands in your mouth. It took you a while, but now that you know how to smile - you smile ALL the time and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to hear your laugh! Your hair is growing so fast and it is at a stage where it just kinda sticks out and is spiky - and with your gorgeous big brown eyes, you remind me of Uncle Kenny when he was a baby (which speaking of, I think he may be working on an aunt for you in the near future - but that's a whole other story!). You're still my little snuggle bug and I cherish those moments because I know that there will come a day when you won't want to snuggle anymore - but for now, you win the snuggle award! I love you so much my sweet baby boy :)

My sweet spirited Emma, you are truly your own person already! You will be, and actually already are, a handful! You will scream your head off one minute and then give me the sweetest, biggest gummy grin the next and make mama's heart melt. You are such a little stinker! You know what you want and often are not very patient about it. I will admit that you have mellowed out a little bit - probably because you are so distracted by things going on around you, that you forget what you were getting upset about. I don't to make it seem like you cry all the time or anything, because you don't - you're just very loud :) You are also growing by leaps and bounds! Here are your stats from your 4 month check up:

Weight: 14lbs 6.4oz (almost a pound and a half bigger than your brother!)
Weight Percentile: 70%
Height/Length: 25in
Height Percentile: 80%
Head Circumference: 41.5cm (same as brother’s but your head seems so much bigger - must be those cheeks!)
Head Circumference Percentile: 70%

No one would ever guess that you were 3 weeks early! You are well into your 3-6 month clothes and I have a feeling that we will need to start pulling out the 6-9's before too long! You still have massive cheeks that make you look like you are smuggling acorns! But I love them, I love to kiss them all the time :) You don't really eat that much more than your brother (about 25 ounces a day), but for some reason you seem to be growing so much faster! I wish we could get you to sleep thru the 4a feeding that you seem you like so much! In due time - but in the mean time, you and daddy get to spend some quality daddy/daughter time at 4a - maybe that's why you do it?? Your hair is getting so long and now has a reddish tint to it (mommy and daddy both had reddish tints to our hair when we were babies too). The jury is still out on what color your eyes will be, for now they are still the bluish gray you were born with - they're so pretty they look like marbles. You haven't quite mastered rolling over yet, but I can tell that you are very close; you like to turn your body right to the tipping point and then flop back down (from back to tummy). You don't seem to interested in rolling over from your tummy to your back - you just kinda lay there like a log! Maybe once you see that brother can do it that will motivate you! You have replaced your constant talking with your new favorite skill of blowing spit bubbles and making funny sounds with your mouth and tongue - it's pretty cute :) Like your brother, you too love to stick your fingers or whole hand into your mouth, or your bib, or whatever might be handy (no pun intended). You still spit up on everything and everyone all the time, but the quantity seems to have gone down a little - but never the less, it is frustrating to have to always have a bib over your cute little outfits - it kinda takes away from the fun of dressing you up. Oh well, you still have your bows!

Among other firsts, you both experienced your first stay at the church nursery (first time anyone but Gram and Poppy have watched you) - and you both did great! I think it will take you a while to really get used to it and learn how to sleep despite all the noises going on around you - at least I hope you will! It does seem to take you both a while to get back on track after church - or anytime we go off schedule - but as you get a little older I am hopeful that it will become easier. We can't wait to be able to take you guys to baseball games, the zoo, the pool, the river, and all sorts of other fun places. We are loving seeing the world through your eyes and experiencing things for the first time with you. I know Lucy can't wait for you both to play with her - she loves you both sooooo much already!

Mommy is hoping to find a good playgroup to join with other kiddos your age - but so far I haven't found it yet. Let me just say, Strollercise, is not for mommy - I hope y'all had fun watching mommy make a fool of herself at the mall! We have an appointment this week with the lactation consultant to try to make this breastfeeding thing work one more time, and if it doesn't (and I REALLY hope that it does), then I will just continue giving you expressed breast milk until you are 6 months (I don't think I can physically or emotionally keep exclusively pumping any longer than that).

Well, I guess that's about it for now, but here are a couple pics and videos of you:

Max's dancing skills :)

This is how Max rolls :)






*Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate the pictures :(