Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stockyard Pics (18 months)

Seriously, how freakin cute are my kids?!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 Max and Emma MDO pics 2012

 Emma's outfit for Uncle Tim's graduation
(I totally made the tutu!)
 Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Emma likes to play "mommy" and put Max's shoes on him
(please ignor the "cousin It" hair)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Filling my mommy bucket...

For the days that I am frustrated beyond belief and think I really may lose it, I have to close my eyes, count to ten and think about all the things that fill my mommy bucket...

-the way Max and Emma run to me with such excitement every.single.morning and cannot wait to give me a hug- everyone should have that kind of greeting! (on a side note, Jason gets up with the babies and lets me sleep a little longer, yes, I know I have the world's greatest husband)

-the Max laughs when he twirls around and then abruptly falls to the floor when we sing 'ring around the rosey'

-the way Emma's smile completely lights up the room and can immediately change your mood

-how my kissing a boo boo instantly makes it all better (wish that one could last forever!) makes me feel like a superhero :)

-when Emma walks around copying everything I do, including telling Max or Lucy "no, no!" - she's such a little mommy!

-the way Emma doesn't say any of her s's, so sweep becomes "weep", snack becomes "nack", and swing becomes "wing", yet oddly enough, Lucy becomes "sushi" - go figure!

-the way Max burried his head on my chest and squeezes me tight for no reason :)

-when I can hear Max and Emma cracking each other up by playing in the curtains in their room or while playing with Lucy

-watching Max and Emma try to mimic the itsy bitsy spider - so cute!

-when Emma tries so hard to force a giant smile (it actually ends up looking quite scary!)

-the way Max sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating on something

-watching Max "dance" aka sway back and forth (these poor white kids don't have a lick of rhythm, thanks alot Jason!)

-when Emma says balloon (boon), she has to throw her arms in the air in a very exagerated manner - not sure where this came from!

-Max and Emma's (mostly Emma) obsession with "meows", they LOVE animals!

-When Emma tried to give Max raspberries on his belly (and me too) :)

-their love for books (current favorite is I Love You Through and Through, but I think that's because a few pages have tears on them, and they both like pointing out the "uh-oh"s, oh and a cheap little books about colors that I got from the dollar bin at Target, the last page say "tap-zap, white rabbit waves good-bye" and they LOVE to slap the book and say "tap-zap" and then wave bye bye - CUTEST.THING.EVER!)

-when they say and wave bye-bye (especially Max, not sure what it is, but he does it so darn cute!)

-The excitement and smiles on their faces when they are playing in the water, either in the bathtub or outside - can't wait to take them to the beach this summer!

-the way they both seem to be mamma's boy/girls (at least for now) - while sometimes it is frustrating, it also melts your heart to know that you are the only person in world that two little people want/need to make everything better.

Being a mom is hard work people! If I don't keep my bucket filled and ready to go, I would never be able to make it through the day! What fills your bucket??

disclaimer - please don't judge me for any typos, as it is 10:30pm, and it has been a very long day and I don't have the time or energy to proof read this and for some stupid reason blogger doesn't have a spell check option - whatevs.