Saturday, May 5, 2012

Filling my mommy bucket...

For the days that I am frustrated beyond belief and think I really may lose it, I have to close my eyes, count to ten and think about all the things that fill my mommy bucket...

-the way Max and Emma run to me with such excitement every.single.morning and cannot wait to give me a hug- everyone should have that kind of greeting! (on a side note, Jason gets up with the babies and lets me sleep a little longer, yes, I know I have the world's greatest husband)

-the Max laughs when he twirls around and then abruptly falls to the floor when we sing 'ring around the rosey'

-the way Emma's smile completely lights up the room and can immediately change your mood

-how my kissing a boo boo instantly makes it all better (wish that one could last forever!) makes me feel like a superhero :)

-when Emma walks around copying everything I do, including telling Max or Lucy "no, no!" - she's such a little mommy!

-the way Emma doesn't say any of her s's, so sweep becomes "weep", snack becomes "nack", and swing becomes "wing", yet oddly enough, Lucy becomes "sushi" - go figure!

-the way Max burried his head on my chest and squeezes me tight for no reason :)

-when I can hear Max and Emma cracking each other up by playing in the curtains in their room or while playing with Lucy

-watching Max and Emma try to mimic the itsy bitsy spider - so cute!

-when Emma tries so hard to force a giant smile (it actually ends up looking quite scary!)

-the way Max sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating on something

-watching Max "dance" aka sway back and forth (these poor white kids don't have a lick of rhythm, thanks alot Jason!)

-when Emma says balloon (boon), she has to throw her arms in the air in a very exagerated manner - not sure where this came from!

-Max and Emma's (mostly Emma) obsession with "meows", they LOVE animals!

-When Emma tried to give Max raspberries on his belly (and me too) :)

-their love for books (current favorite is I Love You Through and Through, but I think that's because a few pages have tears on them, and they both like pointing out the "uh-oh"s, oh and a cheap little books about colors that I got from the dollar bin at Target, the last page say "tap-zap, white rabbit waves good-bye" and they LOVE to slap the book and say "tap-zap" and then wave bye bye - CUTEST.THING.EVER!)

-when they say and wave bye-bye (especially Max, not sure what it is, but he does it so darn cute!)

-The excitement and smiles on their faces when they are playing in the water, either in the bathtub or outside - can't wait to take them to the beach this summer!

-the way they both seem to be mamma's boy/girls (at least for now) - while sometimes it is frustrating, it also melts your heart to know that you are the only person in world that two little people want/need to make everything better.

Being a mom is hard work people! If I don't keep my bucket filled and ready to go, I would never be able to make it through the day! What fills your bucket??

disclaimer - please don't judge me for any typos, as it is 10:30pm, and it has been a very long day and I don't have the time or energy to proof read this and for some stupid reason blogger doesn't have a spell check option - whatevs.

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  1. I loved reading these! So sweet! I had such a blast with Hudson tonight with Clint out of town. I have lots of memories that fill my bucket, too! Oh, and Hudson sticks out his tongue when concentrating, too; SO CUTE!