Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're moving!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

8 months old!

Considering that you guys will be 9 months old in a few days... this post is a little late, sorry! Things have been a little busy around here lately! For starters, it's almost 11:30p and instead of sleeping, I'm writing this update! Oh, if only I could sleep... I have seriously dreamt/had nightmares about paint for the past two nights- that is during the few hours I was actually able to get some shut eye! Oh the joys of moving and renovating an old home! Well, enough about that, let's get to the good stuff :) For time and sanity sake, I am going to be really lame and just bullet point everything that has been going on this past month, but I promise to be better from here on out!

Here we go... in no particular order:

-Max, both you and your sister are both sitting unassisted and you both do it so well :)

-Emma, you cut your first tooth the day you turned 8 months (bottom middle left) and the #2 popped through just 3 days later! (bottom middle right) Hallelujah! You were so much happier once they popped out! (and as a result so was everyone else around you!) Sorry Max, still no teeth for you yet.

-Emma, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE with your scooting and rolling - you're a maniac! You are like a woman on a mission and you love to explore your surroundings! With your rolls, 360 turns, push offs, and scoots, you have no trouble maneuvering around the whole living room - more often than not making your way to Lucy's toys or to the fireplace - both are no-no's! If you happen to be sitting up, that doesn't stop you from flopping right on over and bam, you're off! You're not pulling up on anything yet, but you are getting up on your knees and rocking ALL THE TIME, so I know it's only a matter of time before you take off crawling across the floor! All I know is we have to watch you like a hawk, because anything you happen to find on the ground goes directly into your mouth, and boy are you quick! I think brother has been watching and learning from you too, because just recently he has decided he would see what all this rolling business is about, helmet and all!

-Well Max, you got your helmet on May 24th and Mommy took a picture just after you turned 8 months to see what progress had been made and boy were we blown away! We are so impressed with how great your head looks! You're going to have a cute little bowling ball head before too We cannot wait to go to your appt on the 27th when they will rescan your head and give us some measurements that tell us number wise how far you've come (started at 18.3mm and 89.9%) and more importantly how much longer you will need to wear it. I know you have pretty much the most awesome helmet, but I would so much rather see my handsome baby boy's head and kiss it all the time :)

-So... we sold the house on June 28th and we are set to close on July 29th, Poppi's (mommy's dad) bday. We are currently in the process of remodeling daddy's grandma's house so that we can move in there this week (hence the beforehand mentioned comment about being busy). Unfortunately, your second cousin Brett will still be living there for a little while until he finds his own apt, and Uncle Tim will be there too until he leaves for Peru and then to go back to Tech. I can tell you that mommy never wants to look at a paint swatch again! I sure hope everything comes together ok, your daddy has repeatedly assured mommy that everything is going to turn out great and that everything is going to be ok... this too shall pass. So, mommy is working on trusting in the Lord, taking deep calming breaths, and taking an ambien every night so I can sleep! This time next Sunday, you guys will (at least you better be) sound asleep in your new nursery.

-Your Daddy deserves the daddy of the year award for sure! He let mommy go out of town for the whole weekend by myself! While mommy went to Houston to visit Ms. Lea, you guys hung out with daddy all weekend! From what I understand, you guys stayed in your pjs all weekend, Emma's hair didn't have a bow in it not one time, AND you guys slept in for daddy! Seriously?! WTH! How are you going to sleep in for daddy and not mommy?! I'll let it slide this time, but I fully expect for you to do the same for me!

-Mommy's last pump, and thus your last and final drops of delicious breast milk was on June 28th - such a bittersweet day. I really wish I could have gone longer - in fact I wish a lot of things could have gone differently, but I'm trying to stay positive and be proud of the fact that I worked really hard to make sure that you had natures perfect food for 8 months. I just love you guys soooooo much and wish I could have gone to a year :(

-You guys have both discovered how to drink out of a cup if mommy holds it, and how to drink out of a straw! You guys love the straws - except that you guys are pretty quick, and also discovered that you could blow bubbles into whatever you were drinking - and as a result, not a whole lotta drinking going on! But mommy was able to find these nifty little "sippy" cup type cups that have a straw instead of a spout, and you guys knocked it out of the park! And bonus... you can't blow bubbles and you can't spill it - SCORE!

-Not sure if this was mentioned last time or not, but both of you are sleeping thru the night from 7p(ish) to 7a(ish) :)

-You guys LOVE your new red crab baby pool! Although we have only gotten in it twice so far... it is so stinkin HOT here - I'm afraid you guys will melt in the 107 degree heat!

-Here's your current schedule:

7a wake and eats 8oz bottle and play (also eats oatmeal cereal with fruit)

8:30ish go down for nap #1 (in separate rooms)

10:30ish you guys normally wake up, play, and eat an 8oz bottle around 11 and then eat a fruit/veggie

12:30ish you guys go down for nap #2

2:30ish (sometimes earlier) you wake, play, eat an 8oz bottle around 3 and then eat a fruit/veggie

4/4:30 you guys go down for your last nap if you will take it - short nap 45min-1hr

5:30 get up and play

6:00 bath time, bedtime routine, bottle, read a book, and go to bed around 7 (sometimes later)

*Mommy is still making all kinds of new baby food! Max and Emma's new favorite is acorn squash :) Egg yolk and cottage cheese not so much :(

-As far as eating goes, you guys are both doing AWESOME! Max you average about 30-32 oz a day and Emma, you aren’t far behind him at 28-30oz a day! You guys have become quite squirmy lately making it quite challenging to feed you at times, it sure would be nice if you guys would learn to hold your bottles (and Emma with your feet doesn’t count!). You guys have done soooo well drinking out of your straw sippy cups, and Emma, you made mommy so proud yesterday (7/17) when you decided to be a big girl and hold the cup and drink out of it all by yourself – you always have been miss independent!

-Max, you decided to surprise mommy yesterday too when you suddenly decided that you too wanted to roll all over the place and kick your legs to try to get on your knees. You’ve also been talking soooo much lately – I love to hear all your stories!

-Emma, you absolutely melt mommy’s heart every time I put you down for a nap or bedtime. Our little routine is to sing our abc’s on the way to the bedroom and then sing twinkle twinkle little star as I lay you down (same for your Max), but for the past few weeks now, every time I turn the corner of the hallway to go in your room, you lay your head down on my shoulder and yawn – it is by far one of the highlights of my day – everyday! I also have to tell you Emma, you have been such an amazing sleeper lately – I know I’ve given you grief before in previous posts about your unstable sleep history – but boy are you making up for it now! I can honestly say that you are now a better sleeper than your brother – who would’ve thunk it?!

Well, I think that about wraps up what’s been going on this past month, there are probably things that I am forgetting, but I will try to do better :) Here are some pics of some super cute 8 month olds! (sorry for the massive photo bomb - didn't know I had so many pics this month!)

The day Emma cut her 1st tooth - you can't really see it though

On a walk with daddy when mommy was out of town

Emma on the go

Hmmm - now how to I get out???

Max and Emma love their crab pool :)

Mmmm Watermelon!

The before pic at 6.5 months

Another before pic

After 1 month in the helmet (6/28)

The awesome peeps at 360 wraps sent us this card - how sweet is that?!

Visiting Grandma (glad we did because she broke her leg a week later and is currently in icu)

Max enjoying the fireworks (Emma didn't like them AT ALL!)

Emma is plotting her attack

and down he goes...

Take 2

Emma and her bff Nola (Memi's daughter - wow that was weird to type!)

At Na-nah and Poppi's house

crashed out on th way home - he always likes to hold on to things in the carseat - silly boy!

Emma drinking from the straw sippy cup all by herself!

hehe! my mom says this is going to give Emma a complex!