Monday, September 12, 2011

10 month update

I am finding that the more mobile you kiddos are, the harder is it to find the time to update this blog! But, I have been keeping notes, so here it is, I know it's not pretty, but it's all I've got:

10 month notes
-Emma pulling up on everything and walking along the furniture and walls
-she hit her face on the coffee table twice :( time for a new coffee table!
-max only has a few more weeks left in the helmet! (3 weeks tops as of 9/11)
-Emma says "hello" but only associates it with her activity table that says "hello" "bye bye" but she says it none the less. She can also say dada and mama - I don't know if she knows what dada is but I am pretty sure she knows who mama is :)
-max babbles alot but still only says dada - but I don't think there is any association
-Emma knows what milk means and when you tell her to go get a book
-Emma's new fav thing to do is shake her head no - she doesn't know that it means no, just that it's funny :)
-max finally got into the sitting position all by himself on 8/22 several times! Not the way we've been trying to teach him but whatever!
-Emma got sick for the first time :( she had a fever on the day she turned 10 months 8/20, it got up to like 103.3! She was very cranky and fussy and miserable until it finally broke Monday morning 8/22, nurse said it was likely a viral infection since there were no other signs of being sick, luckily Max has not gotten whatever she had... Yet!
-Memi came to stay with us for the weekend!
-went to goodbye dinner for uncle Tim, he came back from peru but had to leave today (8/22) to go back to tech
-we now have baby jail in the living room
-operation wallpaper removal is underway but proving to be a major pain in the but! Next up will be operation backyard clean up, then we will tackle the kitchen - they sure loved their wall paper in the 60s and 70s!
-guest bath remodel is almost complete, I really wish we would have taken before and after pics! All that's left now is to install the new cabinet hardware then I will post a pic :)
-photo shoot scheduled for oct 2nd! Beckie is making an outfit for Emma and Max's newsboy cap has been ordered! Can't wait!
-bday party planing is underway, invites have been selected (cousin Charlotte is making them!) it's going to be an owl and pumpkin theme! (post pic board of ideas)
-Emma's sleep sack has become her lovey and she loves to pull it up over her nose when she's sleepy
-max is finally starting to bring food to his mouth! And he has started to grab for the spoon so he can feed himself
-Max has now mastered getting into the sitting position, getting on his knees/kneeling, and we are working on pulling to stand and crawling. I have a feeling that as soon as that helmet cones off he'll be crawling like crazy.
-they both seem to be drinking less milk, so we have changed their bottle routine, now they get 8oz in the morning at 7a, eat a yummy bfast around 8, nap for 2 hours around 8:30/9, 6oz at 11a, eat a yummy lunch around 11:30/12, nap for 2 hours around 1, 3ish drink 6oz, eat a yummy snack around 3:30, play until 6:30, then bath, bottle (8oz), books, and bed around 7-7:15. This seems to be working, but they do start to get a little fussy that last hour - so I guess at 10 months we have what is referred to as the witching hour, but it's not that bad. It just stinks that Max's PT is at 5:45 on weds, so miss Sarah never sees him in a good mood :( I'm going to try to change his time to something earlier.
-Emma loves to snuggle with her (or her brothers) sleepsack - she loves to hold it (or even clothes in general)  over her nose and smell it, what a weirdo!
-max got pink eye on 9/2 :(
-both, especially Emma is starting to understand the concept of putting objects into things, like pulling a ball in a basket or a smaller object into a larger one
-Emma is also becoming quite the imitator - trying to copy what you do
-Emma is starting to share - not her toys but rather her paci, she always wants to put it in my mouth, she also always wants me to snuggle and smell her sleep sack too, and she loves to share her food with the dog! I hope the phase of throwing your food on the floor so you can watch the dog eat it passes quickly
-meanwhile, max prefers the windshield wiper maneuver to get his food off his plate - awesome.
-Emma and Max both say "uh-oh" although Emma's is much more clear than Max's. And they actually know what it means, well sort of. They will often throw things on the ground or out of the tub and say "uh-oh" even though I tell them that if they throw it, it's not an uh-oh - but it's still really cute for now :)
-Max took his first crawling "steps" on Sunday 9/11!!! It won't be long now!

Here are some pics and videos (including Max crawling!):

Labor Day Weekend

Mmm - watermelon (Emma's most favorite thing to eat)

First bubble bath ever

First spaghetti experience

check out those chompers! Four teeth now! Max still has none :(

Diapers are apparently way more fun to play with than toys - go figure!

check me out in my new big boy carseat!

It's near impossible to get them to sit still for any amount of time

Like my new hairstyle?! I pull ALL my bows out of my hair so mommy had to resort to the ponytail!

Is this food? I think I'll eat it!

This is pretty much my view all day long! I need some child restraints just to change a diaper these days!

Check it out - Max's first crawling "steps"!

These were accidently left out of the 9 month update - oops!