Friday, March 26, 2010

2nd U/S

We had our second u/s yesterday afternoon, and both babies are perfect! They are growing just as they should and they have perfect little heartbeats! This week, they are the size of blueberries - and oh how I love my little blueberries! We get to see them again April 5th at my first OB appt. now that I have been released from my RE. It was weird leaving the office, it felt like graduation and I was hugging all my teachers goodbye! But then again I'm a dork!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make that 2 Buns in the Oven!

It was so much fun (and exhausting) getting to tell our close friends and family over the last week! And then, we get to re-live the excitement all over again and let them know that not only are we pregnant but... WE'RE HAVING TWINS! Oh my goodness, it still hasn't sunk in yet! On Friday, we had our first sono which revealed two little sacs, and two little heartbeats! Hearing their little hearts beating was the coolest thing EVER! Like clockwork - the waterworks were a flowin! On Friday, I was officially 6 weeks and 2 days, and our little ones were measuring 6 weeks 1 day and baby b was 6 weeks 2 days - right on schedule! Baby A's heart rate was 111 bpm and baby B was 117 bpm - exactly where they should be :) We are just SO overjoyed and feel so, so blessed to get to be their parents. You pray and try for so long for just one baby - and then to get two - WOW! I think the greatest thing I heard that day was my doctor telling us that we now have a less than 5% chance for miscarriage - talk about a giant wave of relief! For some reason (I've never had one) I had this crippling fear of miscarriage - I guess that's normal though (or at least that's what I like to think). With that said, we decided we could not hold our little secret - scratch that secrets - in any longer - we had to tell people! It was so hard "lying" to our friends and family this whole time (no one except Memi knew about the 3rd cycle) - especially my mom! I called my mom on Saturday and told her that she could tell people - and no sooner did I say that did she say "Ok, I gotta go!" and the phone marathon was on! Grandmas are so cute :) We told our church group (they knew about the cycle) the big news today and I know we will certainly be continuing to lean on them for support and prayer throughout this -hopefully uneventful- pregnancy! My heart races and I get scared and a bit overwhelmed sometimes just thinking about it - TWO OF EVERYTHING! Jason better hope it's not two girls! Can you imagine... 2 American Girl dolls, two prom dresses (a year), two homecoming dresses (a year), two cars, two college funds, TWO WEDDINGS! Just breathe... we will as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work" :)

We get to go in again next Thursday for a second sono and then we are released to my regular OB (who I am very excited for Jason to meet - he's a riot). I guess we just bought our ticket for the next crazy rollercoaster journey!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Weeks Pregnant!

That's right, you heard correctly... as of tomorrow, we are 6 weeks pregnant! We did our first beta test on March 4th and had a beta level of 668 (that's pretty high)! We had taken a home pregnancy test on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the beta and they were ALL positive! We had to wait a whole week before our second beta - which was torture! I thought for sure that we were going to receive bad news, as I was experiencing absolutely no signs of early pregnancy at all! But... low and behold... Jason called with the good news that our second beta level was 12,000! Crazy high! The nurse said she was very interested to see the ultrasound - will there be one in there or two???? One change of events that started last Sunday (3/7) that is not so pleasant is... HIVES! Jason took me to the ER on Sunday night because he was so concerned - but in classic Candice style... apparently 1% of pregnant women develope hives because of the elevated hormone levels in the body - lucky me! So I have been covered in hives head to toe for about a week and a half  now! I went to the allergist today and he basically said he wasn't sure what was causing the hives, but he have me a prescription for some Xyzal and gave me a back up plan if that doesn't work. Hopefully, the meds will work and I can stop itching! 
We have our first ultrasound on Friday!!! I can't wait to have confirmation that a) I'm still pregnant and b) whether we have one baby or two in there! 
It was so exciting to tell Jason's mom and we told my parents and brothers this past weekend! My mom was crying and so excited! While we were there, she also found out that the preachers daughter (not Tessa) just found out she was pregnant and I know it took everything in my mom not to tell anyone! We haven't told Jason's dad and Amanda yet - we are hoping to tell them this weekend in person :)
This is all so surreal, and I feel like someone is going to pull the rug out from under me at any moment - and I have this crippling fear of miscarriage - but I guess that's normal. I think I will feel better once I actually see the baby(s) and see the heartbeat - and know that everything is ok. I hope to update again this Friday with our first picture!