Friday, May 28, 2010

Belly Pics and Cribs

OK - I finally got some belly pics up here now that I actually have something to show! The belly popped out last week and now there is just no stopping it! I have gained about 3 or 4 pounds now - woo hoo - and am about 16 and a half weeks. We have a doctors appt on Tuesday and I go to have part two of the sequential scan (down syndrome test) which is just a blood test - and I will have more baby pics to share :)

So... on the nursery front, we bought our cribs and mattresses and both came in yesterday! Jason was so excited to put them together. Super pumped about the additional 10% discount credit we got when Jason went to pick up the cribs - apparently when you are having twins+ you get a multiples discount! So that saved us about $70 - gotta love that! We (and by we I mean Jason) moved everything out of the office and into the dining room, and everything in the dining room (buffet and dining table) into the kitchen (we have an eat in kitchen area). I was worried it would look too cluttered, but it looks surprisingly good! Poor Lucy doesn't have a clue what's going on! We still have some computer stuff in the new nursery, so we couldn't put the cribs side by side like it will eventually be, but we took pics of both cribs. Now if only bedding was as easy!

I also had a lunch baby shower at work today! It was very unexpected and I feel very blessed that my co-workers put it together for me :) And bonus, I didn't have to sit in front of everyone and feel awkward! We scored a nice gift card for Babies R Us, which will certainly help!

In other news, I finally felt the babies yesterday! It was just little flutterings, but I was so excited! I can't wait to really feel them move and kick. Between the cribs/nursery, baby shower, expanding belly, and flutters - this has been a very eventful week! I did have a random migraine the other day which was HORRIBLE and resulted in my first "sick" episode (at work no less) - but I guess there must have been some kind of growth spike that made my hormones go crazy, because I have been fine ever since - thank goodness - I don't know how all those women deal with morning sickness!

According to the books, the babies are both almost 5 inches long and weigh about 4 and half ounces! Can't wait for our appointment on Tuesday to see just how they are growing. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

Belly Pic - 15 weeks

Belly Pic - 16 weeks

Boy Crib (baby boy's first onesie from New Orleans - thanks Gran!)

Girl Crib (baby girl's first onesie from New Orleans - thanks Gran!) - sorry it's fuzzy

Work lunch shower

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bump has arrived!

Well, a few days ago I noticed that I had developed quite the little baby bump. At first I thought I might have just been bloated, but nope... it is here to stay! There's no stopping it now! I had to break down and finally buy a belly band so that I can get through the rest of the school year without having to buy any "school clothes".

In other big news... we have booked our Babymoon/Anniversary trip to Grand Cayman! We leave on out anniversary (June 9th), and will be staying at the Westin for 4 nights and 5 days. We are counting down the days and cannot wait to relax by the beach and have some alone time for what will likely be the last time for a good while :)

We had our regular dr appt today with Dr. G - and everything is GREAT! My cervex is at a 40 - which is really good (anything over 25 is good) - so I was very relieved to hear that all is good on that front. The babies are continuing to grow big and strong and we still have a boy and a girl (woo hoo!). They had the same heartrate today - 149, and they are still measuring a day apart from one another. So far, everything seems to continue to go very smoothly, which I feel so blessed for.

On the nursery front, we have decided on cribs and a changing table, but that's about it at this point. Figuring out nursery colors/theme is very frustrating. I know I don't want any animals or characters, just use color and design patterns - but at least I still have time. 

Check out the pics from today's appointment - today baby a was the boy and baby b was the girl - I guess they like to take turns! 


Baby boy trying to suck his thumb!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Genetic Test Results Are In...

And they are all good! They tested for Downs and Trisomy 18 last Monday and I got a call yesterday from the doctor's office and they said that the numbers that came back were "normal" and "exccellent"! Such a relief! We go back again at 16 weeks for another blood test just to double check the numbers again (standard procedure for the sequencial scan). We also went in for our regular every two week appt with Dr. G, and the sono tech confirmed for us that we did indeed have a little boy and a little girl in there! As it turns out though, the doctor at the genetics office had Baby A and Baby B switched from what my reg obgyn was called them so... Baby A is the girl and Baby B is the boy! Baby A (our little princess) has been quite active in every ultrasound, while Baby B (our precious boy) seems to be much more laid back... I wonder if this is any indication of how they will be in real life???
More good news... the babies are actually measuring further along than they are, which makes me feel soooo good! I am always concerned about their growth since I have not gained any weight - I guess they really are just taking it all! They said my cervex looked awesome - so no signs of concern for pre-term labor or plecenta previa (other issues that scare me). The babies are about 2 1/2 inches each and will probably grow another inch in the next week! It still doesn't seem real to me - maybe once I actually have a belly and can feel them it will. So excited... tomorrow will mark our first big milestone... end of the first trimester! I feel like I can breath a little easier knowing that we have made it this far complication free! Every day I stop and really thank God... I have never felt so blessed... I often feel undeserving of such amazing blessings.
In other news, I have been battling a cold/allergies for about a week now - it's awful! Coughing, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, soar throat, the works! I am hoping that it passes soon.
Now, the challenge begins on deciding on names and nursery ideas!

Baby Girl (A) - 12 weeks 5 days

Baby Boy (B) - 12 weeks 5 days