Monday, July 19, 2010

24 week appt.

Well - we are back to our "everything's perfect" appointments and I could not be happier about that! Babies are lookin good, little girl has decided to turn back around to the breech position - quite the little mover and shaker! My cervix is still nice and long at 47 - so no worries there! I'm up to 16 pounds and getting rounder and rounder everyday - I just hope the weight remains in the belly region and doesn't start drifting elsewhere if you know what I mean! I think they are going to measure the babies next week or the week after - and I will be very interested to see where they're at. The sono tech said that they don't really grow much during this part of the pregnancy - but they are about to have some major growth spurts! According to the books - the babies are about 11ish inches (head to toe) each and weigh about a pound and a half each - like little baby dolls :) I keep trying to see if Jason can feel them move around and kick - but so far we haven't had much luck - I wonder when he'll be able to feel them???

The nursery is coming along - a special thanks to our dear friends KC and Ryan who hooked us up with bags of clothes for baby boy - I think this kid has something new to wear everyday for his first 0-3 months of life! But now our little girl's side of the closet looks awfully bare - guess I need to do some shopping!

In other news, all my teacher friends are reporting to summer conference today - I must say it feels a little weird not being there - as well as resisting the urge to buy cute classroom stuff in the dollar bins at Target. You know you're a teacher when you are drawn to fun multi-colored pens, post it notes, and stickers! But, hopefully I will get to get my fix and sub the first few months of school!

Here are some pics from today's sono - they're not all that good b/c we had the not great sono tech (which is pretty much anyone except Colleen) - but at least we got some!

Baby B is on top of Baby A and they are looking at each other

Maybe next time we'll have Colleen and she will give us some more 3d images!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad everything is back to "perfect." That's awesome news! We'll have several more bags of clothes for you before the babies get here.

    I bet Jason will be able to feel them soon. Ryan felt "flutters" for quite a few weeks before he finally felt actual movement. I think it was around 26-27 weeks.

    It's hard to believe you're nearing the end of your 2nd trimester!! I hope you get Colleen next time so we can all see more 3D images of the sweet babies.