Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 months old!

Summer is here!!! I'm so excited! I have been anxiously awaiting summer so that I could get these babies in their bathing suits and in a pool... mission accomplished! This has been such a busy couple weeks. Let's see... Max got his helmet on the 24th and we went through the weaning in process and he finally got to the point of wearing it for 23 hours on Saturday the 28th, which happen to be while we were in Granbury for Jason's family reunion. We were worried how he would adjust to it all - but true to his style, he took it all in stride and it didn't really seem to phase him at all - LOVE this kid! We left on Friday afternoon for Granbury for Jason's family reunion. It was a lot of fun - they haven't had a reunion in like 15 years, so relatives from all over the country came in for it. Unfortunantly, Papa couldn't make it :( but I think some of the older generation peeps stopped by the rehab center to say their hellos on their way to the airport. Papa's turning the big 9-0 on June 6th, and I am trying to get a surprise party organized for when he is released from rehab in a few weeks!

Sooo, while we were in Granbury, Max and Emma took their first dip in the pool! They looked so stinkin cute in their swim suits and floaties. I was a little worried about how Emma would react to the pool, as she hasn't been a big fan of baths in the big bath tub - but she was just cold chillin like the diva she is the whole time! And as expected Max was just kickin away and loved it! I cannot wait to get these kids in swim lessons - I think we are going to look into lessons at the country club this summer :) One of the best parts of the reunion was finding a babysitter for the summer!!! Gotta love cousins home from college :) Ahh, dinner AND a movie at last :) Emma was hammin it up the whole time, always the center of attention, impressing everyone with her singing talents, addictive smiles and giggles. And we were so proud of Max - he went the whole weekend with no stranger danger meltdowns!

In other news, we went in today for Max's first appt since getting his helmet, and was very excited to learn that his head has already grown! I really hope that it continues to grow and fill out so we can cut the time in the helmet down. Whew does his head and helmet stink! We are experimenting with different shampoos to find one that helps the stinch go away. Max is also back to talking up a storm - no mama or dada yet - but I have a feeling it's coming :) So far he has mastered eating from a spoon, rolling both ways, and almost mastered sitting unassisted. Emma has really surprised us lately, it seems that she has found her appetite again, I really hope that it is not a fluke or temporary growth spurt. She has finally mastered eating from a spoon and apparently has hollow legs - this girl can just eat and eat and eat! She has also masterd rolling both ways and sitting unassisted. Thankfully, no signs of crawling yet - I don't think I'm ready for that yet!

Here's a couple of pics from the last couple of weeks (I still need to take their 7 month pics - oops!)

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