Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen

Lately I have really been channeling my inner Martha Stuart, June Cleaver, and Betty Crocker in an attempt to try and master this whole "stay at home mom" business that I'm in. We can all thank Pinterest for simultaneously making us feel less about ourselves while at the same time fueling our creativity and motivating us to achieve more, do more, and create more, be it skinny dinner recipes, decadent desserts, or diy projects for the home. I really should show you some of the failed attempts sometime, it is really something to behold! Here is my latest (and subsequent greatest) Pinspiration achievement, behold the DIY Play Kitchen...

Jason and I really are quite proud of our little labor of love here! I knew I wanted to get the babies (hmm, I guess at some point I have to stop calling them that, after all they are almost 2!) a play kitchen, but A) couldn't really find one I really liked and B) they are freakin expensive yo! So... enter the awesome power of Pinterest. I typed in play kitchen, and photo after glorious photo popped up with the most elaborate and amazing DIY play kitchens, all with step by step instructions. So, I picked one I really liked and that would fit nicely into our home and went from there. Here was the "Pin"spiration:

I really tried my best to copy it, and overall, I think I came pretty close - what do you think? After everything was said and done, I think we ended up spending about $65 on it - much better than the $300 Potterybarn kitchen! Here are a couple pics of the evolution of the play kitchen:

$15 TV Stand found on Craigslist

Chopped off the top

Sanded it all down (thank you Jesus for electric sanders!)

Jason cut a hole for the sink and I pained on some oven burners

Painted everything (we used paint we already had)

Microwave door - I used stickers for the numbers and slapped on some Mod Podge to make sure little hands didn't peel them off or scratch up the paint!

She's just about ready to be all assembled

Jason got the sink and handles all glued in place

We screwed the stove knobs and attached the doors and shelves

stocked the shelves with some kitchen ware goodies

and voila!

Now we just had to hope that Max and Emma would like it...

Max just happen to be in a "mood" for the reveal :(

Nailed it! :)

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