Monday, September 10, 2012

ABCs at the Miksovskys

So, since Max and Emma have been out of MDO for nearly 6 weeks, things started to get a little boring around here. It's been too hot to go outside (for longer than 20 min), not to mention the mosquitos, and I'm not crazy enough to take them with me by myself to places like the zoo, or arboretum, ect - I did mention that they are almost 2 right?! Heck, we don't even go out to eat anymore b/c it's become such a beat down! Please tell me we are not the only ones dealing with this wonderful independant, attention span of 2 seconds, phase of life x 2!

Anywho, through the joy of Pinterest and numerous blogs and website out there, I took it upon myself to do a little toddler school at home. At first, we started off with colors, and nature walks, and talking about Jesus and God and all the things God made. Then I decided to start doing a letter a week, with coordinating books and crafts - why not right?! So about 4 weeks ago, we started with A, then B, and C, and you get the picture. Here's some of what we've done:

Fun times with balloons
 Painting crabs
 D is for dog
Walk to the park to feed the ducks
 Making ducks (we ended up gluing on the feathers that we collected on our walk)
 Drum Jam Session
And here are some of the books we read...
We also threw in a couple Bubble Guppie episodes that cooresponded to the letter of the week (they freakin love that show!)
we watched:
Gup Gup and Away (Airplanes)
Build me a Building
Have a Cow
Happy Clam Day
The Spring Chicken is Coming
The Cowgirl Parade
Can you Dig It?
Ducks in a Row
We Totally Rock (Drums)
We also learned the Baby Bumblebee song, the chicken dance, marched around the house while singing the ants go marching, watched funny dog, cat, and baby videos on you tube, predended to be dinosaurs, cats, dogs and ducks and looked for airplanes and clouds in the sky, and had a dance party :) We also attempted to learn the signs for the letters, but a was pretty much the only one they could do. They have had a lot of fun going to the library every week, coloring and playing "school" at home. We are on E this week (last week we left for Wimberley on Thursday and they started real school, so we didn't get around to doing anything). Gotta love Pinterest and amazing websites with great ideas, cause if it was up to me to come up with all this stuff, it probably wouldn't happen!

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