Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 week appt.

So we had our 30 week appt yesterday and I was feeling really good about it since I had not done anything active all week - and was optimistic that my cervical length would reflect that. Unfortunately, things didn't go as hoped :( My cervix shortened by 4mm (from 1.8 last week to 1.4 today). I was so scared that Dr. G was going to put me back in the hospital on bedrest. I was so frustrated... I don't know what else I could have done - how is it that after a very active week of hair appt, dinner out, and a baby shower, my cervix stays the same, and then the week I do absolutely nothing... it shortens! Ugh! As we waited for Dr. G I was running through bargaining options in my head to avoid being admitted again - later Jason told me he was too! Once we got in the room with Dr. G, he was not nearly as concerned as we thought he would be- in fact he still considered my length as stable - whew! He said that sometimes bedrest just doesn't work - but we are going to continue to do what we can to keep these babies incubated as long as possible! We are also only a few days away from the magic milestone of 30 weeks - which has been Dr. G's biggest goal through this whole scare. He basically said that at this point he did not foresee putting me back in the hospital until it was time to deliver AND... he also said that in a few weeks he would take me off bedrest and just let nature take it's course. Although I will probably continue my bedrest routine, it is nice to know that I will be able to take care of any last minute returns, exchanges, etc., and go out on a few final dates with my hubby :)

In other news... I passed the 3 hour glucose test after failing the initial screening (all thanks to the steroids in my system from our preterm labor scare). It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and actually went by pretty quickly. I am up about 24 lbs and working really hard to fatten these babies up! At our appt on Monday, the babies were still lookin good - great fluid, movement, heartbeats ect. Baby boy is still head down and baby girl continues to sit in the weird awkward transverse/sideways position despite my efforts to coax her into changing positions! It's a good thing we already decided on a scheduled c-section, cause if baby girl doesn't change position, we would have to have one anyways! In the nursery, Jason installed a second rod in the closet, a cubby shelf over the dresser, and got a nightstand and lamp for next to the glider. After the shower on Saturday, we sure had a lot of stuff to fill the closet and shelves with! We have baby boy's letters for his name, we just need to find a frame for it! Baby girl's letters should come in this week - and I cannot wait to see them!!! 

In a few days (Saturday the 4th), Jason and I are going to get our maternity pics done - I hope they turn out good! Memi just had her baby girl Magnolia Elyse last night at 9:14pm after being induced at 8am that morning - she's a trooper - and baby girl is just beautiful and has a full head of hair! I cannot wait to meet her! Sorry no pics today - but hopefully next week :)

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