Friday, August 13, 2010

Back Home... for now :)

So... I got to come home today - YAY! They stopped the contractions on Monday, and with the exception of some uterine irritability, all my monitorings came back great! Babies are doing GREAT! On Wednesday they did an FFN test to see if I was secreting the protein that would indicate pre-term labor - and thank God - it came back negative! The last hurdle was today's cervical exam - if it was stabilized then I would be able to go home and do my bed rest there. So, this morning we had our sono and I went from a 1.8 to 1.9 and the funneling had not increased, which means I was stable enough to go home!!!

Now I just have to relax at home with Lucy in the comfort of my own couch and bed for the next 10 weeks! We do go back to the doc on Monday for our reg appt and glucose test, and we were pre-warned to pack a bag just in case - but I have a good feeling we won't be needing it. In other good news, my doctor told me that I am free to go to part 2 of our child prep class tomorrow, my hair appt on Wed, and my baby shower next Sat. I am REALLY bummed that I don't get to go down to Austin to see Memi have her baby :( but know that I have a more important job of keeping these babies cookin a little while longer. I no longer need the steroid shots, but they are keeping my on the procrdia to prevent anymore contractions. I feel very blessed, things could have been very different and I am so very thankful that God was looking over us this week! I also want to thank everyone who raised us up in their thoughts and prayers and who came to visit me - it was VERY much appreciated - we couldn't ask for better friends or family! This was the last thing we ever expected, but I am just thankful that I am not working and can just relax and take care of these babies!

Here's a few pics of the nursery (new light fixture and dresser) and belly pic via hospital!

I guess it was all the meds, but for some reason it was 66 degrees in that hospital room and I wasn't cold at all, but Jason was FREEZING! This is usually what I look like curled up on the couch at home when it's 78!

27 weeks - hospital belly pic!

Not sure if you can notice or not but, the bottom line is showing no contractions!!!

Finally get to snuggle with my Lucy - she wiggled her way up through the blanket and rested her head on my belly - it was so cute!

The new light fixture in the nursery :)

new light and dresser

New dresser :)

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