Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A break in the clouds

Well, things are looking up... finally! Jason and I have worked things out to where we can stay in our house. It turns out we will still be able to refi the house, but only for 1 point below our current rate (6.7% down to 5.7%). This will only lower our mortgage by $100/mo, but the exciting part about it is that we will get a check for our escrow money and have two months of not having pay our mortgage - cha ching! This will help tremendously with paying for a new IVF cycle! We are also going to get a debt consolidation loan for our 2 credit cards so we can get those paid off hopefully before we have a baby. We also analyzed what we were spending our money on each month and holy moly - we were spending an insane amount of money eating out and on entertainment - so we are switching to the Dave Ramsey financial plan. We are giving ourselves monthly allowances for eating out, groceries and entertainment - by putting our allotted amount of cash for each category in envelopes. I gotta tell you - it was weird not pulling out the 'ol debit card at the grocery store yesterday! We are very excited about it (weird I know) and I think it is really going to work and we are going to save so much money each month! With all this money we will be saving and the extra money from escrow and not having to pay a mortgage for 2 months - I think we will be in the clear to continue onward with a new cycle.
The only thing that I am sad about is that if we get pregnant this time around - I wouldn't be due until mid June :( and I was really hoping for an earlier birth so I would have more time before having to go back to work (since I am a teacher). Who knows - maybe something great will happen and I won't have to go back to work - wishful thinking ;)
Now I am just so anxious to get everything going again. I started BCPs back up last Thursday and am waiting on the green light to start Lupron - I hate the wait! But wait is what we must do.

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