Tuesday, January 24, 2012

15 month, not so well :( visit

So, Max and Emma have had a terrible cough for over a week now - this on the heels of a cold :( I am thinking that it may have something to do with starting MDO and all the fun new germs they have been exposed to, but nevertheless, I have got a couple snotty noses running around! We have tried everything to try to kick this thing... steam showers, steam showers with soothing vapor tablets, the snot sucker, saline spray, vapor rub, humidifyer, but nothing seems to be doing the trick. I called the nurse line at our pedi's office and they told me that there really wasn't anything that they would be able to do unless they began having difficulty breathing, so we trudge onward.
Yesterday was their 15 month well check! They actually turned 15 months last Thursday - which I cannot believe that their birthday was 3 freakin months ago - really?! I was looking at pics from October and Max's first haircut, and he just looks so much younger! So precious with his big toothless smile! Sweet boy! Sometimes I get scared that I will forget how little they were and what it felt like to have those two little babies sleeping on my chest, and how they just seemed to be swimming in their newborn clothes! Anywho... back to the well check! So, here are their stats:
weight: 20 lbs 14.5oz (5-10%)
height: 31 inches (50-75%)
head circ: 46cm (50%)
words you can say: dadda, dog, hot, uh-oh, all done, ball (although only mommy knows what you're saying), and I think you are trying to say "that" - I'lll report back later.
Diaper size: 3 (although when this box is gone we are moving on up to size 4)
Clothing size: 12-18 months
Teeth: you have 12 teeth and one about to break through (all of your 1 year molars have come in)

weight: 20lbs 12.3oz (5%)
height: 32 inches (50-75%)
head circ: 46cm (15%)
The doctor said you have hit a plateau, so hopefully we will see more growth at the next visit.
words you can say: hot (your fav word), uh-oh, and all done (we need to work on your words son)
Diaper size: 3 (almost in 4s - by next week)
Clothing size: 12-18 (yay! finally wearing clothes for your age group!!! - although pretty much all of your 12-18 pants fall off you!)
Teeth: 5 that are completely through, 2 that are partially through, and 3 one year molars trying to cut in right now - so within a few weeks you will have a total of 10 - almost caught up with sister!

Unfortunantly, Mr. Max had a little ear infection (very mild). This is his very first ear infection - I knew this day would come eventually, but I feel so blessed that we made it this long without the babies getting sick. Even Dr. Holt was impressed with their immune system and the way they seem to be tolerating their current sickness! Yay babies! I like to think it's because of Lucy - I hear that families with dogs are sick less often, so thanks Lucy! Yet another reason why everyone should have a dog :)

In other news, Max is doing awesome in his new sure steps! As expected, he and his laid back personality, is taking it all in stride! Of course, now Emma thinks she needs to wear her shoes all.day.long too - but whatever! We did finally find some shoes that will fit his Flinstone feet with the SMO's on (sure steps) - they are what mom refers to as clown shoes (when my brother wears them), but you and I just think of them as "skater shoes", from Vans. And score, they were only $15 at the outlet mall! I was really bummed that he couldn't fit into his chucks, but it's only for 6 months.

We are "trying" to transition into 1 nap a day, but it's not going as easily as I had hoped. They seem to be delieriously tired by noon if they don't get their morning nap (which is why we kinda stopped going to church , sorry God!), which ineveidablly resulted in being overtired once we did put them down, and that meant, a short nap, and crabby, whiney babies. No bueno. So, it's a work in progress.

I have to mention this because it is just too funny... so Emma has become quite the mini-me, following me around, wanting to do the laundry (she's quite the little helper), she likes to put the clothes in the washer and push the buttons, then she claps for her self and says "all done"! She also LOVES to help throw things in the trash, but we have to really watch her because she likes to throw things away that aren't always trash (cough, cough, sippy cups). And the girl loves to wash her hands and use the hand sanitizer - what a weirdo. This morning she found my shoe and managed to get her foot in it and walked around with it on - so stinkin cute! Wish I would have had a picture of that! I wish there was a button you could push on your temple that would automatically take a picture or video of whatever you're looking at - someday, right! And Max has become such a little cuddle bug! He loves giving hugs, cuddling, wiping his snot on your shirt, and talking in "his language" to you. I think his favorite spot in the world is in my lap, and my heart just melts everytime he brings a book or toy over to me and plops down :)

Well, I guess that's about all for now. Here are some recent pics for you:

Hangin at the park

Heeeeere's Emma!

Puppy love :)

They take turns pushing each other (they haven't figured out how to "drive" it yet)

Emma likes to feed EVERYONE

Emma feeding the giraffe (pics of Max and the giraffe are on Jason's phone)

We only had one pair of mittens, so they had to share

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