Monday, June 7, 2010

Part II of Genetic Test = Muy Bueno!

The genetic doctor called today with the results of our second blood test, and they were really good! The downs results were 1 in 8300 (really good), spina bifida was 1 in 1100 (again really good), and I can't remember anything else they said except that they all came back fantastic and I have nothing to worry about! Music to my ears!

Now we are just looking forward to our next u/s on Monday the 14th - it's the big half way mark u/s.

Leave for Cayman in T minus 36 hours!  

Took some belly pics the other day - I hate myself in pics - but everyone keeps bugging me to post new pics - so here ya go...

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  1. YAY for good test results! Always a HUGE relief to hear those! Love the new pics, you look great, don't be too hard on yourself girl! Can't wait for the next update and u/s pics. Have a fun and safe trip!