Monday, June 14, 2010

Half Way There!

Where to start... well for starters we left for our anniversary/babymoon in the beautiful Grand Cayman last Wednesday, and spent 5 amazing days in paradise - seriously, you would not believe this water - it's insane! We returned late last night (well actually about 1 this morning because of a delay in Miami). I posted some pics from the trip below - including a belly bathing suit pic - watch out it's a big one! I think my favorite day of the whole trip was Friday... we woke up, had some delicious banana pancakes at Eats Cafe, lounged around the beach, swam around in the clear blue water, read some Eclipse, then headed across the street to the Sunshine Grill for the island's best burger (it was pretty good!), Jason had a nice Painkiller, and then we headed to Stingray City. We stopped at a couple snorkel spots along the way where we swam with a huge stingray (the snorkeling was better in Hawaii though). We ended the tour at Stingray City - a sandbar in the middle of the ocean that is the home of hundreds of stingrays! They were sooo cute! I wish I could have one as a pet! They were like cats - brushing up against you, wanting you to pet them and give them treats. We got to hold them and kiss them! Apparently, if you give a stingray a smooch - you get 7 years good luck! Woo Hoo! I didn't want this part of the trip to end - but we had to get back. We went back to the Westin, fixed ourselves up and headed out to the Calypso Grill. This place was by far the best restaurant on the island! I loved everything about this place! The food was absolutely amazing - I had the lobster and shrimp champagne and Jason had the blackened Mahi Mahi - we swapped a few bites and they were both sooooo good! A girl from work told us about the place - and Megan... THANK YOU! It was awesome! Especially the sticky toffee pudding - mmmm! If we would have eaten here the first night - no doubt we would have eaten here every night!

On Saturday (our last full day), we rented a car and drove around the whole island - which took a whopping hour and a half! Afterwards, we kinda wish we would have just stayed at our hotel - it really was the best beach and water on the whole island. Oh well, it was fun to watch Jason drive on the wrong side of the road! Well worth the $40 car rental! Oddly enough, Jason ran into his freshman year suite mate from A&M while walking by the pool on Saturday - how weird is that?! Small world! Unfortunately, the vacation had to come to a end. We had a layover in Miami on our way back - which by the way is the worst airport I have ever been to! The layover was already 3 hours (which put us back to DFW around 11:15p), but with an added 45 minute delay, we didn't get home until well after midnight - ugh! Poor Jason had to work today, but Lucy and I got to sleep in :) Then I just spent the day doing laundry, playing with Lucy, and finishing Eclipse (can't wait to see the movie!), until 3:30 when I left to meet Jason for our 19 week dr. appt!

I was super excited because they were going to do a detailed sono (with our regular sono tech - no more mean sono tech). Both babies are doing great! Baby A is measuring at 8 ounces and Baby B is 9 ounces - and both are about 3 days ahead of schedule! I found out that both babies are favoring my left side - which explains why I thought I was only feeling one baby - but really I have been feeling both of them - which was a relief! We still have a boy and a girl - and it looks like it's going to stay that way - so I can officially get down to the business of shopping! Jason was such a proud papa when she showed us our little boy's business - such a man! They were both quite active today, rolling around, headbutting each other, kicking each other - already with the sibling rivalry! All the movement made it difficult to get a really good profile pic of either baby - oh well we'll see them again in two weeks! Their heart rates were at 145 and 153 and my cervix was looking nice and long - let's hope it stays that way! So far, I am 18 weeks 5 days and have gained about 9 lbs. I can't believe we are half way there! I find myself breathless alot these days and back pain has begun to set in - which is just lovely. Dr. G says it's just a glimpse of the back pain that is to come... awesome. I might need to invest in a back support thingy - it scares me to think that it will intensify and get worse the bigger I get - but I guess my smooth pregnancy was bound to hit a snag at some point!

I have started the adventure of registering - what a headache! I don't know if I am doing any of it right - but I guess it's trial by fire! If anyone has any must haves that I should know about - please feel free to pass it on! Or anything that is a total waste of money - I'm all ears :)

Here are some pics from the trip and dr. appt!

Cayman Islands from the plane

view from the hotel room

Nope - not the swimming pool - this was the ocean my friends!

The ever growing baby bump!

Anniversary night at the Wharf

Mmm virgin strrawberry daqueri (sp?)

My handsome baby daddy!

I guess they didn't get the memo that I'm pregnant - but Jason enjoyed the free champagne!

poppin the bubbly

A toast to 3 amazing years!

It was just so amazing - I had to add another picture of the water!

On our way to Stingray City (no pics of the stingrays b/c they are on the waterproof camera)

At Calypso Grill - an end to a perfect day

Again - my good-lookin hubby!

The happy couple :)

Jason and the blow-holes

Me and the blow-holes

Looks like a post-card - Pier at Rum Point

Hell was actually closed on Saturday believe it or not!

This is Hell - literally - I wanted to get a postcard from Hell - but as I said - Hell was closed :(

It's a boy! Jason was so proud!

And... It's a girl!

Our litte girl - twin a (at least today she was twin a)

More of girl - twin a (already a show off and princess hogging the spotlight)

You guessed it... our girl baby a again!

Our baby boy - twin b

Two heads are better than one! They were both breech today.

Twins feet - and boy do they know how to use 'em!

Well... that's all until June 28th!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time! You are soooo cute!

    A must have for the registry is the Miracle Blanket (I guess you will need 2!). It has been a lifesaver! Good luck with registering.

  2. Looks like paradise! So glad you had a great trip!

  3. the pics are awesome, im so jealous. I forgot how blue and clear the water is! glad you guys had a good time and had a good baby report.

  4. It looks like you had a great time! Your baby bump is so cute! I hope we get to see all 4 you soon <3