Monday, April 19, 2010

Updated Sono Pics!

I am 10 weeks and 5 days today! We had another dr appt. today (we have one every 2 weeks until the end of August and then it goes to every week). I always get so nervous leading up to dr. appts - and as soon as I see those babies all the fears just melt away! They are getting so big! It was crazy seeing them swimming around and moving around in there! Baby A was very active, Baby B seems to be more laid back. Their heartbeats were a high and steady 170 and 173 :) The sono tech made her early guess that we've got 2 boys in there - whereas the nurse seems to think 2 girls - so maybe we'll get one of each :) We'll know for sure in a few weeks! Dr. G said everything looks "perfect" - my favorite word to hear! So far, I have gained a whole pound - woo hoo! I don't want to jinx myself, but so far this has been the easiest pregnancy ever! I pray that it continues to go this well. I have attached a picture of both babies and really good one of Baby A - so cute!

     Babies 10 weeks 5 days

    Baby A - 10 weeks 5 days

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Isn't it cool to see them swimming around in there?! I'm seriously so happy for you and Jason.

    I cannot wait to know what you're having! When do you find out?