Friday, February 26, 2010

Cycle #3 Update

What a ride! I can tell you that this cycle has been completely different; our entire mindset, our luck, just everything is different - and it's a good thing!
I started the Lupron injections at the end of January (1/28) - and as usually, that was a breeze for me (thank goodness, cause so people get terrible migrane headaches). Then we started stims on the 6th of February. First blood level count was awesome (almost too good - they decreased the stimulation medication)! Then we received the news we had been waiting for... the follicle count. We had 10 on one side and 10 on the other - woo hoo! The ER was scheduled for 2/17. On the day of the retrieval, we ended up with... wait for it.... 30 eggs! That's right I said thirty 3-0! We could not believe it! WOW! Now we just had to pray that a good number of them would fertilize and that Jason's boys were good swimmers! The next day (Thursday), we got the news that a whopping 27 of the eggs fertilized! Jason and I were over the moon excited to hear this news! In our first cycle we got 9 eggs and only 7 fertilized, and in our 2nd try, we only got 5 eggs, and only 2 fertilized! So you can see what a huge difference this cycle was for us! The transfer was schedule for Monday (2/22). We would not receive another update until the transfer on Monday, so naturally we waited with baited breath. We didn't tell anyone about this cycle except for Memi and a girl from our church group - so on Sunday during Sunday school, we spilled the beans a little and asked  them to pray for us. I guess the prayers must have been heard, because when we got the hospital on Monday, we found out that we had two PERFECT blasts to transfer and possibly 4 more to freeze! They tried to convince us to just transfer one embryo - but we took into account our luck - and opted to put them both in and risk the high chance for twins :) We went home and vegged out the rest of the day and I took the next day off too (not wanting to take ANY chances this time around. I sat anxiously waiting for the call to find out how many/if any embryos we had to freeze, and... we've got 4! We have never had any to freeze before - this is such a relief - it's like a huge weight has been lifted and we can finally breath a little easier.
So here we are in the 2 week wait period - but I must say - I really haven't been thinking about it much - of course it's hard to think about anything except the pain and bruising from the PIO injections (ouch)! Our official beta test should be on March 3rd, but that happens to be TAKS test day, and there is no possible way I can escape the school, even for 1/2 and hour to get my blood drawn - so I will have to wait ANOTHER day and get it done on Thursday the 4th. However, I have every intention of peeing on stick before then and preparing myself ahead of time. We're thinking that we will take one on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I want to see those 2 pink lines SO BAD! So we wait, and we pray, and we hope for the best :) Hope to update with so exciting news next week!

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