Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

I know I need to write another post detailing the happenings from the last 2+ months, but if I don't just start this whole thing up again I'm just going to keep getting further behind, so... here we go!

I was super excited about the babies and Easter this year because this is really the first holiday that they have been old enough to really participate in! We practiced picking up the eggs and putting them in baskets and they both really seemed to have a blast hunting eggs :)

Of course, one of my fav parts... getting to buy a super cute outfit for my little girl ;) (and Max too) Isn't she just so stinkin cute?! Don't you just love those ruffle butts?!

We went to the church that they go to for MDO on Saturday for their very first Easter egg hunt. They were so funny! They did great until they discovered that there were goodies inside the eggs, then they just wanted to sit down and eat! On a side note, I can understand goldfish and cheerios in the eggs, but fruit loops? for one years olds? come on... maybe it's just me, but I am trying to keep my babes away from sugar for as long as I possibly can - I figure, if they don't ever have it, then they don't know it's there, and thus won't want it. Anyhoo, I digress... Emma is very into feeding people be it me, her daddy, Lucy, and even her bubba :)

On Sunday, we were planning on going to see John (brother-in-law) preech at the new church he formed, but poor Max was running a fever :( so we decided it would be best to just stay home and not infect any of the other kiddos. After their nap, we hit the road for the bustling town for Forestburg! Wha? You've never heard of Forestburg?! Yeah, me neither. It's a very small country town north west of us (you know it's gotta be small and country if the girl from Wimberley is saying that!), about and hour away. We were joining Jason's dad and step-mom's family for Easter fun. Luckily it did not rain up there and the kids were able to play around outside, have Easter egg hunt numero dos, and even enjoy a hayride!

All in all, it was a very fun Easter! I cannot wait for more fun holidays with these crazy kids :)

On a completely seperate note... Memi is having twins!!!!! And guess what?! It's a boy and a girl!!!! What are the odds of that?! They are due in August! So excited for my bff!

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