Monday, January 24, 2011

The BIG 3-0 and the 0-3!

Let me just start off by telling you all what an amazing husband I have! Seriously, I know I take for granted how incredibly lucky I am. In addition to carrying the load and stress of being the sole provider for our family, he also some how manages to come home every day and put his daddy and doting husband hat on. No matter how he may be feeling on the inside, he is always there to make sure I get a break and that I don't lose my mind - he keeps me grounded and calm and always tells me it will be ok. Um and did I mention he always gets up for the middle of the night feedings??? Yeah. Can anyone say "Husband of the Year Award"? I know I don't deserve this man but I am sooooo blessed that he has chosen me for his wife.

Speaking of my wonderful and amazing husband... he also managed to put together a little shindig for my 30th bday! He was hoping it would be a surprise, but since he couldn't find all the email addresses he needed, he had to let me in on it. I'm really kinda glad he did, because I was getting a little depressed that my big 3-0 was going to come and go without any recognition :( Not to mention, I really needed a night out and some adult conversation! Jason had arranged for us and all our friends to eat dinner at this place called "The Ranch" in Las Colinas - we had eaten there once before and it was pretty good - and they have bands that play on the inclosed porch/bar area. Almost everyone showed up - I felt so special! Even Lea and Jason came in from Houston to help me celebrate - it was sooooo good to see them! The only drawback was that I felt like I needed to clone myself so that I could sit and talk to everyone, but I think/hope everyone had a good time. After dinner, the few of us that were left went outside to the bar area and listened to some music and hung out with some old friends. I had a whoppin 2 and a half drinks! The me from college wouldn't even recognize the me today! What can I say, I have become quite the light weight! All in all it was a great night. Jason's mom and stepdad babysat the kiddos, God bless them! I don't know if they really knew what they were getting themselves into! I think they may be babysitted out for a while! It does make me feel a little better about myself though, to know that someone else also thinks it's difficult taking care of twins (and there were two of them) - I guess it makes me feel validated in some way. I guess 30 isn't so bad. When I was younger and I pictured what my life would be at 30 - this is pretty much it (although I never pictured twins) - I'm married, we have a house, a dog, two kids, I was a teacher but am now a stay at home mom - I guess the only thing I'm missing is the white picket fence!

About a week and a half after my 30th - my babies turned 3 months old! While there isn't a 3 month well check - here are some of what they have been up to lately:

Max has gotten so much better on his head control - he is no longer our little bobble head! His hair is growing like crazy - we can make a little mohawk with it now! He is completely out of his NB clothes and is into 0-3's - which he has a ton of thanks to Ryan, KC and baby Austin :) Unfortunately, Max got sick right around Christmas with a cough and some vomiting. We took him to the dr and he had bronciolitis, but they gave him some inhaler medications as well as a liquid cough syrup and FINALLY as of this last week - the cough is gone. Since he was sick and congested, that made him not want to eat on top of his reflux, so feedings would sometimes last over an hour before we would give up and put him back to bed. We are finally back to finishing our bottles in under and hour - woo hoo! However, sometimes Max decides he's finished after only eating for a few minutes and will start to swat your hand and the bottle away and if you're not expecting it - he will knock the bottle right out of your hands! Recently, Max has decided to start peeing on daddy again - which it's hard not to laugh - poor daddy! Max has also started to smile more and has started to talk a little -although not as much as his sister! He has started to bat at the little rattles on his play mat - it is so cute - he looks so serious as he stares at the rattle and you can see the concentration in his face. Oh, and the flat spot on his head (from having to share a womb with his sister) is finally starting to round out - yay! I was getting worried that he might have to wear one of those head brace things.

Emma has become quite the curious little girl; she constantly wants to know what is going on around her. If there's a noise somewhere, she wants to see it. This can get a little frustrating when trying to feed her - it's like her head is on a swivel! I'm not sure how much she weighs right now - but I do know that as of yesterday, she is now in the #2 diapers - the little chunk probably weighs about 15 lbs! She has always been the more vocal one, but now instead of screaming, she likes to talk to you. We carry on conversations all the time, especially right after she eats. But of course, every time I try to grab the flip or my phone to film it - she abruptly stops. It is so cool watching her though - so stinkin cute! I'll tell you wants not cute though, and that's the fact that she has decided to start getting up from her naps an hour before she's supposed to - this kid is driving me crazy! I've shortened her wake time, but that hasn't seemed to make a difference - without fail almost every time, she wakes up, then I have to remove her from the room before she wakes her brother up, put her in the swing, and she goes back to sleep until I wake her for the next feeding. All this wouldn't be so bad if the swing weren't in the living room, preventing me from doing anything productive around the house. And more often than not, she somehow knows exactly when I have stopped pumping and that seems to be her time of choice to wake up - she is such a stinker! I would love to let her cry it out in her crib, but I know she will wake up Max. We need a bigger house so they can have their own rooms! 

I'm hoping it will start warming up soon so I can take the babies for walks around the park - I know Lucy is looking forward to that too! It just gets so boring being cooped up in  the house ALL DAY EVERY DAY! I need a reason to get out of my pj's - or get the kids out of there pj's for that matter! I did attend a new moms of multiples group in Flower Mound, and it's much smaller than the PAMOM group, and closer - however, there really weren't any moms there that had babies the same age as Max and Emma, so I think I will continue to go to the PAMOM meetings and this new group - and hopefully I will start to get out of the house more with playdates and such. If nothing else - I know about 8 or so women that are having babies between February and August - so I guess we could all start our own little play groups :) It's so weird to think that this time last year I was taking all kinds of meds and injections getting ready for IVF #3 - and now here they are 3 months old!

We've been bad lately about pictures - but here are a few pics and videos (well it won't let me post the video - so maybe it will be working next time):


  1. SO PRECIOUS! I love the new pictures. And I had a great time at your bday party! So fun. I know Hudson will be quite a bit younger, but we can still all hang out! :)

  2. precious! once we are not sickly anymore...come visit or i'll let you know when we have playgroup...we're all getting ready to have #2 babies (2 mamas already had their #2's in october/december) so max and emma will fit right in.