Friday, October 16, 2009

Round 2 is Underway!

Yup - you read correctly - round two of IVF has begun! Before Jason and I left for our weekend get-a-way to New Orleans, I began taking my daily Lupron injections... fun! Honestly though, they are not bad at all. I use the same needle that diabetics do for their insulin - so if all the people with diabetes can do it everyday - I guess I can do it for a few short weeks! So we start stims tomorrow!! Everything has been going so incredibly smoothly this time around! No unexpected cysts or low estrogen levels - everything has been perfect! (knock on wood!)

The egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 28th, but of course everything depends on estrogen levels, follicle counts and sizes - so it could be a day or so before or after the 28th :) I am getting so excited! Things seem so different this time around. I attribute this to many different reasons... 1) we've done it before and know what to expect 2) I am working and school keeps me very busy and distracted 3) I have 100% turned everything over to God, all my fears and all my hopes and prayers - it's all in His hands - and that has taken such a load off of me!

If things continue to go well and on schedule, we would be looking at a November 2nd, day 5 transfer and pregnancy test on November 11th. Hopefully we will be welcoming a new baby or babies around July 20th 2010 :)

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